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  1. jleblanc321

    Stripped Transmission Drain Bolt

    I too do not tighten either the engine or transmission oil drain bolts too much. For added insurance, I drilled a small hole in each of the oil drain bolt heads since they are dished. I then safety wired the bolts together using 0.032" stainless steel wire. I also added a short piece of heat shrink tubing over the twisted section between the bolt heads so that the safety wire does not chafe into the engine cover. It is very easy to drill the bolt heads after they are removed and placed in a vise. Always make sure that the safety wire is a backward "S" shape ("tightening" configuration). No more worries about anything vibrating loose after this simple mod. Hope this helps!
  2. jleblanc321

    Clark tanks are JUNK!

    I have purchased Clark tanks for my 2002 CR250R and 2003 XR400R. Both times I had some sort of fitment issue. The shouds had to be distorted for the bolt-up on the CR250R. The XR400R tank was the worst; it leaked too at the petcock (had to use a rubber sealing washer between the tank and o-ring) and also had a slit shaped defect at a seam. I called about the defect and was told that it was because the roto mold had a repair done, but there was supposed to be lots of plastic behind it. It has not leaked yet . . . Lesson learned: Buy a KTM so that you can get an OEM over-sized tank along with a other OEM add-ons. I now have a new 2010 KTM 400 XC-W and could not be happer with the build quality and tremendous upgrade parts selection directly from KTM! Unfortunately, many aftermarket parts are of factory/OEM quality (like Acerbis, R and D Racing, Works Connection, ProTaper, Renthal, Fluidyne Radiators, etc.), but some seem to be made in someone's garage or worst yet in China. Hope this helps!
  3. jleblanc321

    Ironman vs. SuperSprox sprockets

    I purchased the SuperSprox CS sprocket from Rocky Mountain ATV and not directly from Supersprox. Maybe that's why they never hear of these problems.
  4. jleblanc321

    Ironman vs. SuperSprox sprockets

    I purchased a SuperSprox countershaft sprocket about 2 years ago for my CR250R and also had fitment issues (too tight). I sent it back and bought a Renthal, which fit just like the OEM part. Too many aftermarket companies sell inferior products that do not fit. Best way to solve the problem is to call & complain and buy another brand.
  5. I know that this is a long shot but . . . about a year ago, one of the last brand new XR400R's was purchased in Missisippi. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a new XR250R hiding in the back of a Honda shop anywhere in the US. Thanks!
  6. jleblanc321

    03 450 , in storage/will not start now

    Hi! I have an 03 and love it! This link should help; It's a step-by-step FCR carb rebuild. You don't need the trick stuff, but the pictures sure help: http://www.dirtrider.com/tech/141_0707_keihin_fcr_carb_rebuild/viewall.html Hope this help! Jay
  7. I just came off of a tricked out 2002 CR250R two-stroke and love my (new to me) 2003 CRF450R. The 450 is much easier to ride and has tons of low-end. And by the way . . .I'll be 59 this coming June, so you are still young to me. I would go for the 450!
  8. jleblanc321

    100LL AV gas

    Another thing to consider is the lower energy content of ethanol (84,600 BTU/gallon). It is less than premium gasoline (131,200 BTU/gallon), so using the typical E10, 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol (120,900 BTU/gallon), will produce slightly less power across the board. Also, fuel economy will suffer. (fyi - A BTU is a "British Thermal Unit" and is the amount of energy rquired to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1 degree F.) Datasource: Transportation Energy Data Book from Oak Ridge National Laboratory http://cta.ornl.gov/data/appendix_b.shtml. Hope this helps!
  9. jleblanc321

    2004 200 SX Stock Jetting

    pilot-45 main-188 needle-R1468G needle postion-3rd from top throttle cutaway-5.5 air screw-1.5 turns Straight from the 2004 owner's manual . . . I actually went with a JD jetting kit to clean up the blubbery bottom end.
  10. jleblanc321

    03 CRF450R graphics placement

    I believe that it is a clear protector for the frame. I received similar items in a graphics kit from One Industries for my 2002 CR250R. Hope this helps!
  11. jleblanc321

    What's the best fix for 2005 crf450 valve issues

    Try using a new OEM stock filter with a petroleum based filter oil. There are known issues regarding aftermarket air filters (too porous) and bio-degradeable filter oils (not sticky enough to trap and hold dust). Hope this helps!
  12. jleblanc321

    Which is better for the XR400 - Mineral or synthetic Oil

    Shell Rotella T 15W-40 oil containers now have JASO MA in the list of approvals/ratings. Just picked up a 4 qt container from WalMart with "JASO MA."
  13. jleblanc321

    Jetting help on new pumper carb

    Don't forget that you can adjust the mixture by using the fuel screw. It is a brass screw that points down at the bottom rear of the carb. Turning it in leans the mixture and turning it out richens the mixture. Maybe that is all you need to do.
  14. jleblanc321

    UNI Filter Letting Sand Get Past???????????

    I have had a well oiled and greased UNI allow fine talc like dust through on trial rides in Colorado. If you hold a UNI up to the light, you can see small openings, even if well oiled. If you do the same with the stock filter (no cage), you cannot see any light. I have gone back to the stock filter. You can get the OEM filters from Chaparral for just $25. I know that these comments will create a firestorm of protest about UNI's because of the performance gains and restrictive nature of the stock filter. It is something though to think about if you want your engine to last . . . Jay
  15. I found that some of the stiffness can be removed by using a thin lubricant on the inner cables. I used WD-40 over a year ago, and the throttle still feels good. Maybe this will eliminate some of the stiffness and routing the rest. Jay