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  1. sevo

    down i went....

    why that $#%$%$ drove off? did they find this hit and run %$##@!?
  2. sevo

    DRZ corbin issue

    if none of the sticky recommendations works out, you could send it back to corbin for a modification. just tell them the seat pushes you forward. they can shave the back part down a bit so it doesnt slide you forward as much. modifications are free for the life of the seat. at least to the original owner. i dont know if they ask about that.
  3. sevo

    #1 Homemade Fender Elim $10 PICS

    that looks like the tire would hit the plate as soon as you go over a lil bump. actually it looks like it would hit just by sitting on it!
  4. sevo

    How can they sell this for $99?

    this may be a stupid question, but is.. Suzuki RM/RMZ/DRZ '00-06 this the model to get for a drz400? just want to be sure before i order since there are other drz's
  5. sevo

    Aluminum Kickstand Installed

    thanks for the replies. i can now ride with it in confidence
  6. sevo

    Aluminum Kickstand Installed

    i just got mine today. its much better quality than i expected; almost a shame to have to use it. i got one because i needed a shorter stand for my lowered drz400S. thus i ordered the aluminun SM version which fits and works great for a lowered S. on the aluminum SM stand, i noticed the distance from mounting bolt to the shaft pin holding the spring is about 0.5" longer than stock. this puts a bit more tension on the springs and hence it snaps up with quite a bit more force. i hope the aluminum holds up to many of these snaps. i'm using just one of the springs for now. anyone else noticed this?
  7. sevo

    Street riding and protective gear

    for commuting on the SM...... perforated Teknic leather jacket, XD helm, leather race gloves, Sidi boots, jeans. for fun riding...all above + textile overpants. followed a R6 this week. rider in shorts and t-shirt. girl on back in bikini with flip flops. i followed them a bit cause she had a really nice butt unfortunately if they wrecked, her bikini would likely come off. imagine the paramedics finding a completely nude blonde lying on the pavement and finally... Neil, i understand there was a naked bike ride in the UK recently. and i don't mean naked, streetfighter type of bikes
  8. sevo

    corbin vs gel seat height

    thanks regalman, i know, my last corbin for my fz6 took over a month. this one on the SM is breaking in and even better now. just got back from a 3 hr ride on a gel seat on my S; whoa, i got monkey butt
  9. sevo

    The good the bad and the WTF?!

    yipee.....glad you found the extended screw and still have the spring, etc.
  10. sevo

    The good the bad and the WTF?!

    dan, did you remember to use the small spring from the stock screw? there is also a small rubber o-ring and washer too. without the spring, there is no tension on the screw so it can vibrate out same thing happened to me when it died about 10 miles from home. had to ride home with the choke on. thought for sure i had lost the screw. when i got home, found the screw sitting above the chaingaurd; its a wonder it stayed there the 10+ miles. more fortunate, i even found the little bittie washer, o-ring, and spring on the garage floor if you lost them, can order them from ron aryes. i know cause i almost had to. i would guess that if you put the stock screw back without the spring, it'll end up on the road after a few miles too,,,,maybe right next to your extended fuel screw! altitude: 400ft summer temps: 100+ F
  11. sevo

    Hit by car

    "Cars turning left in front of us is the largest threat we street riders face. Unfortunately, there's little time to react. I make it a habit to flash between hi/lo beam several times in such situations " first of all, glad you are ok! regarding the above quote, i completely agree. drivers not seeing motorcylists and moving into the bikes path is the most common cause of bike accidents. regarding flashing the headlights hi/low, i've always wondered if that may give some drivers the wrong signal. i.e. telling them its ok to go! i thought about a headlight modulator, but for now i give my handlebars a little self-induced headshake when approaching an intersection with a left turning car in front.
  12. sevo

    I think I am going to sell my SM wheels

    i'd be wanting to buy them...now where is PEI?
  13. sevo

    corbin vs gel seat height

    i have/had corbins on two other bikes. it does get better as it breaks in; that and i think you get used to it. we're about the same age and i certainly notice that i get more uncomfortable than when i was younger. i just finished a 200 mile road trip and the corbin was much better; sore, but much better.
  14. sevo

    400S seat solution: no solution?

    the corbin is not the hideous one. i think it was the mayer one that was making people lose their eyesight.
  15. sevo

    Where Do I Get A Drc Tail Light

    i bought two sets from wheeling. $58 before shipping. forrest is awesome. super fast shipping. forrest included a little gift each time. first was grip pads; second he included the new turn signal brackets. thanks forrest!