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  1. jaked02

    2011 WR450F unchanged

    FML, I am ready to buy a new bike too! but I dont need BNG's
  2. jaked02

    Oil at Wal-Mart?

    Hey guys I was cruising through wally world the other day and came across some oil that caught my eye, only $9.95 a qt and its synthetic! any one have expirience with it or a good reason not to try it out in a 06 wr 450? this is the oil http://www.castrol.com/castrol/sectiongenericarticle.do?categoryId=9021703&contentId=7040544
  3. jaked02

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    who makes this front fender, I want one
  4. I just registered my 06 WR450 in Idaho. It was soooo easy I was suprised, all I ever read on any of these sites is how many hoops everyone has to jump through, Mine literally took me 10 minutes to do. Heres how it went, 1. AFTER installing my baja designs dual sport kit, with everything on it (mirrors, horn, signals, brake light) I went to the court house to the sheriffs office and told them I needed a VIN inspection. 2. Next I get a cop ( who looks like Farva from Super Troopers:smirk: ) to go out to my truck with my bike in it to do the VIN inspection. He checked the VIN on the bike, wrote it down on a pink piece of paper, signed it. Then he took a glance at it, told me to have fun, then I was on my way. I swear I could have had a paddle tire on the bike and he woulnt have gave a crap, he didnt ask to see anything for street legal equipment AT ALL! 3. Then, I walked across the street to the DMV, gave them the pink paper, told then I needed to register it and get a plate. I paid them, and was out the door and riding with in a 1/2 an hour after i got home and put the plate on. Honestly, if you think Washington is hard to get a plate for a bike in, just try it. I was really worried about all my equipment when I went and tried for a plate and it couldnt have been easier, or you can just go to Idaho, where we dont give a crap
  5. Where can I buy a couple of spokes for my '06 WR 450, I noticed 2 bent spokes on the rear wheel the other day, the BIG problem... Yamaha only sells the whole spoke kit, I only want 2 spokes. Any one know where you can buy them individually?
  6. jaked02

    Locking Gas Cap?

    yeah, I guess you would need to protect the fuel lines too, some steel braided line and hose clamps is about all you could do there, but The lock on the cap is more of a deterant... kind of like a wheel lock, they could still get it if they wanted to
  7. does any one know if there are any companies that make a after market locking gas cap for standard plastic MX bike tanks. I have a street legal WR450 and would like to secure the small investment in the tank. Thanks!
  8. OK, here is a industry question for anyone out there that may know it, how come graphic companies (One industries, N-style, etc.) dont make their graphics to cover all the years of bikes? for example, in my case I have a 05 YZ450, but they cut the line at 06 for the oldest bike. I think they o'tta cover more years, we all cant have new bikes, but cant we atleast make them look new?
  9. when you have your wheels powder coated, do you have to completely disassemble the wheel or can they do still do the wheel with the spokes and hubs on?
  10. Would 08-07 WR/YZF aluminum frame 450 exhaust fit on a 06 steel framed WR? In the june issue of Motocross action, page 159, someone writes in about swapping a steel YZF frame for a Aluminum, they say it can be done and the ONLY exhaust mod they list is a aluminum spacer. SO...?
  11. jaked02

    Hid stock headlight

    Do you have a high/low function with the HID set up?
  12. jaked02

    WR400/426/450 Jetting Database

    Year: 2006 Model (400 - 426 - 450): WR450 Cam Timing (WR/YZ): WR Main jet: 168 Pilot Jet: stock Leak Jet: stock with O-ring mod on linkage Starter Jet: 65 (Stock) Fuel screw (turns out): ZIP TY Fuel Screw 1.5 Turns Out (still tuning) Needle Model/Clip position: JD Red / 5th Position Grey Wire Mod (Y/N): Y TPS Connected (Y/N): Y Airbox Snorkel/Lid (on or off): Off AIS Removed (Y/N): Y Airfilter Brand: stock Exhaust Brand: stock Average Altitude: 3000_6000ft Average Temperature: 80 - 90 F Degree of Satisfaction (0-10): 9 Additional Mods/Comments: a couple of stickers
  13. jaked02

    Trany Oil Change on 07 WR 450?

    Pick up a stainless steel mesh oil filter too, works alot better than the stockers and saves the 5 bucks for a new filter on oil changes.
  14. jaked02

    WR250X wheels

    Anyone know if the wheels on the new supermoto WR250X have any cross fitting abilities such as a 06 wr450 (my bike)?
  15. jaked02

    Lighting options

    faceplant, any stator mods with that set up?