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  1. Here is an electrical issue and solution that I have recently encountered on my 2004 TE-250 (e-start). I had travelled to my usual riding location and was ready for a great days ride. I started my bike, disengaged the choke and it was idling away nicely. I was sitting on my bike waiting for the others on the ride to get ready when the motor died! What the . . . . . . . . . ? I tried the e-start and it cranked over but the bike would not start. I am running an inline fuel filter between the fuel tap and the carby and it was full of fuel. The next check was for spark. I removed the plug and cranked the bike over and there was intermittent spark and then no spark. I removed the seat, fuel tank and began checking all the wiring. No luck. I took my bike home and decided to take it to Jaydee Motorcycles in New Gisbourne, Victoria, Australia. Jeff at Jaydee was able to start the bike when it was cold and then he had the same issues that I had. Jeff was able to diagnose the problem to be the connector that plugs into the Electronic Power Unit (black box under the seat). In particular the dark blue wire (top row, 3rd wire from the left). At this stage Jeff was unable to confirm if it was an EPU or the wiring loom issue. Armed with this knowledge I bought my bike home and tried to nut it out myself. The dark blue wire is the earth wire for the EPU and connects to the earth point on the chassis at the coil. I was able to start the bike and if I moved the dark blue wire one way the bike would stop and the other way the bike would continue running. I unclipped the dark blue wire from the multi-pin connector and it looked OK. It was a little bit dis-coloured which suggested that it may have been arcing out. I unclipped another wire from the connector and compared them. This is when I noticed the issue. The connector (female connector) on the dark blue wire had an internal piece of the contact broken off. I would never have picked it up unless I compared it to the second wire I removed from the multi-pin connector. So there was a connection but it could become intermittent at any time. I hope this helps someone else if they have a similar issue. I would like to thank and highly recommend Jaydee Motorcycles for anyone else that has any issues with there Husky.