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  1. Converting DR-Z400sm to DR-Z400s just for kicks. You thought this bike kicked ass in the city... Living in downtown Seattle I ride 90% street but wanted a set of dirt tires for the weekends and camping trips. This is a great option for people that live in the city and cant afford another parking spot for $200 a month. This is actually a very simple process. I bought a set of DR-Z400s Wheels and Tires Complete for $300 Bucks, (Thanks Dave H.) Stripped off the S Tires and slapped on a pair of (DOT) Dunlop 606 on the rims. Everything fits PERFECT even the speedo cable. Now I can go from SuperMoto To Aggressive Off Road in about 30 minutes. Time to take it down to Oregon to my private 250 acre track. HELL YA!!!!!!!!!