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  1. They have some of the best burgers in town. I especially like the lady with no teeth that serves them. Cheap to.
  2. They really are unbreakable. I run the ASV's and after all that falling I did last ride they are as good as new. Minus a few scratches. I have dropped them on rocks before and the just flex backwards and snap back in to place. One of the best investments I made for my bike.
  3. I have put the front fender from an RM250 on my DRZ. It mounted perfectly with the existing holes. All you will need to do is put a couple extra spacers/wahsers on the 2 rear bolts. If you dont the back of the fender will rub on the frame. As for the rear fender I too have been looking. I have looked as far back as 98 RM250's all the way up to current RM fenders and have not found a match. I ended up just ordering the stock DRZ rear fender. If you find a Rear that will work share the info.
  4. Ocotillo welcomes just about any type of Off Road Vehicle. Lots of quads, rhinos, buggies out there. Way to big of an area to ever feel crowded though. Stop at the Fosters Freeze out there at the Chiraco Summit. The little fried burritos rule! By the way that Box Canyon cut off sounds great. Going to take it when I head out there after Christmas.
  5. It's a good thing I am a tall guy. That's why I was able to just walk off the back of the bike. If I was a small guy I would have been done for.
  6. Those videos are great. Not that it helps any but I would like to point out that 2 weeks previous to this I climbed that hill on the first try! Damnit, it got me! There is no way to save face!
  7. hi im sean, Has anybody mentioned how to get the pics posted directly on to TT so you don't have to click a link every time to see each one? If not here it goes. On the photobucket site highlight the direct link, right click, copy (which you probably already do). On the TT site where you would normally paste the link to your post instead click on the icon (top right) that is yellow with mountains in it. Delete the http that shows up in the box. Then paste the link in the box. Then click okay or done (whatever it says) and repeat the process for all the pictures you want to post. If you have a ton of pictures just put them in a bunch of different posts. I like to do 12 pics or less per post. Hope I am not repeating info you alreay know.
  8. You speak the truth. If we were in church I would have stood up and said AMEN, PREACH ON MY BROTHER!
  9. I went last year right before new years and I went thru Glamis. Easy drive. Took me 4 hours. The highway through glamis can be bad depending on what time you are going thru. I went thru around midnight so it wasn't crowded at all. Going thru Coachella is also a great way to go. It should only take (with bike and truck no trailer) a little over 3 hrs to get to the 78 where it connects to the 10 just east of Indio. then it is not very far from there to Ocotillo. Any way you go will take you around 4 hrs Maybe 4.5 depending on how fast or slow you drive. If you live in Phoenix I would not recommend going through Yuma. It is definitely the long way. 3 hrs to Yuma another 2.5 to Ocotillo. However if you are on the FAR EASTSIDE of Phoenix going thru Yuma might be shorter.
  10. I need to replace my rear fender after looping my baby on a hill climb this weekend. I don't want to put the stock DRZ rear fender on it. What other bikes rear fenders will fit a 2006 DRZ E? (for example I have an RM fender on the front) Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. I ride that area as well. Lake pleasant rd, carefree highway, I17 and your place make up the perimeter. Half of that area is Peoria and half is Phoenix. You are not permitted to ride in the Peoria portion of that territory. You are permitted to ride in the Phoenix portion. There is a dry river bed that splits the two sides. If you are on the East side of that river bed you are good. The river bed is approximately halfway between Lake Pleasant road and the I17. Other than that a lot of people ride at mile marker 11.5 off of the carefree Highway. West from where you are. Pima and Dynamite is a great place to ride also. Keep an eye on this southwest forum there are always group rides being posted.
  12. 2stroke tnl Potok 2stroke exmlb Potok and I'm out. Peace to your mother, yo!
  13. When I have video from my digital camera I upload it to photobucket and it works just fine. First I save the video to a folder in the my documents portion of my computer then upload to photobucket.
  14. tnl all who came out ride Potok part of my bikes damage:foul: everyone exmlb I have 6 more good ones but the computer is being a pain in the ass. Will get them up later.
  15. I only have pics of Wildcat where some were jumping. Here you go. Potok (Eric) exmlb (Brett) tnl (Tim) 2strokenut (Todd) Potok exmlb 2stroke exmlb Potok tnl exmlb Potok tnl