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  1. locomike

    Rekluse Clutches - z Pro vs Core EXP

    The Z-Pro was the best mod I have ever done to a dirtbike. I have an 09 YZ450f and the Z works perfect. I have never had any issues with the freewheeling some have noticed. I have Rekluse set so it is pulling slightly at idle, so there is no problem getting the tire up if need to--it is basically always pulling--there is no lag or slip when you crack the throttle from a stop. The biggest advantage I can see to the EXP is the feel of the clutch, but I have done 100 mile desert races and never even touched the clutch lever, so the feel is not too important to me. For the price difference, I would get the Z. If money were not an issue, I would get the EXP.
  2. locomike

    High reving @ cruise

    I think your definition of dirt may differ from mine. Desert and two track 15 45 would be fine. On real trails around here, I would destroy the clutch in 10 miles. The type of stuff where you can't see past your front fender because of the trees and you are crossing logs and hopping rocks on an 8 inch wide trail.
  3. locomike

    What is this AF framed KTM?

    And always inferior to to the donor bikes. IMO.
  4. locomike

    High reving @ cruise

    I have a 2000 XR600R I commute to work on every day on the freeway 65 to 70 mph, 30 miles each way. I currently have 15/48 on it and it runs fine but I am getting a 45 for the rear to get the revs down. 15/48 is fine, but 15/45 will be better. I would not go taller than that since first is already tall with the 48 rear, and with the 45, the bike will be pretty much useless on the trail.
  5. locomike

    AM workouts w/cardio....2PM crash

    If you are not getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night, do not lift in the gym. All you will be doing is tearing yourself down and not allowing you body it's repair cycle.
  6. locomike


    Why would anyone trust a person, claiming to be a doctor, who other than putting MD at the end of his posts gives NO evidence to his credentials or identity, to give medical advice on an internet dirt bike forum? He may be a doctor, he may be troll, but either way, given his posts, the only thing I AM sure of is that his number one objective is that he wants us all to know how smart and important he is. I don't think he is too much of either...
  7. locomike

    Husaberg = exotic?

    I see more Gas Gas than Berg around here, and I used to own a Berg.
  8. Dude, how old is your girlfriend? 15? If you get sued, your girlfriend will be the one to sue, not her mom, as long as your GF is an adult. Her mom has nothing to do with the actions of her adult daughter. For instance, if I break my leg on my friend's bike, will my mom sue him? Would that make any sense? As far as getting sued, if she is riding by her choice, she is responsible for her actions, within reason. If you put her on a bike you know is unsafe or if you put her on a 450 and send her up a widowmaker hill on her first ride, you might have some liability...
  9. locomike

    JT Racing Gear!

    I'm too cheap to get what I like! I always wait until my gear is about to fall apart and then start checking out the clearance section at Rocky Mountain. I find some reasonably high quality stuff that won't make me look like a peacock looking for a fight, and that's it. It probably won't match my bike but it will last, and since I've got a wife, two sons, and a house to support, I have to make pragmatic decisions. If I was 21 and my racing goals were, in order of importance, were to pick up chicks at the race, look good at the race, and maybe finish well, then my decision making might change... I still don't finish well, but at least I'm doing it cheap.
  10. locomike

    JT Racing Gear!

    Not a big fan. That stuff looked lame in 1987, we just didn't know it. Retro for the sake of being cool is no different than the hipster tools riding fixies to the coffee shop in their stick leg jeans and black frame glasses. But, then again, I have been known to wear pants and jerseys that don't match each other, sometimes my gloves don't match my jersey either... I don't worry too much about the fashion aspect of riding and racing, I just want to ride and race. I would rather spend my money on maintaining my bike so I can finish desert races instead of looking good in the pits. Maybe it is more of an MX thing than an desert/enduro thing.
  11. locomike


    Last summer my friend and I were training for a desert race, riding sandwashes and such, when we come around a corner in a nice wide wash and find 5 quads and their 10 occupants, I $hit you not, having a picnic lunch in the middle of the wash. Two full size coolers, everyone had a beer, it looked like 5 couples on a date. We had to pick our way through the quads and they all looked at us like "Hey jerks, we are trying to get drunk here...". We find beer cans and shotgun shells at every flat shady spot and bunches of trail signs with bullet holes in them. I've never seen a guy on a bike with a shotgun out there, but I guess it is possible. If this is what you like to do, no, I will not stop bashing. If these are the kind of losers you must associate with to ride a quad, no thanks, you can keep them.
  12. For the money you would be into it, you will never get your money back out of it. Bikes in that condition will ALWAYS need more work than what you know. Any chassis related bearing will probably need to be replaced and a full suspension service will be needed. Also, you probably have no idea about the clutch and transmission and their condition. Going by just what you know about, if you do it right, you might be looking at a grand, if you do all the work yourself. These were good bikes, but IMO, this one would not be worth the trouble. A really clean one might be worth $1500 around here.
  13. A KDX with porting, headwork and FMF exhaust is 35 horse at best. Dynaring would probably work great at 35 horse, but 50 to 55 horse on a 450? I wouldn't trust it. I have no slippage issues with my "old fashoned" Rekluse pro on my 450. I'll stick with them. Their product and customer service are both top notch.
  14. locomike

    Softest Tire available?

    Are you asking for a soft compound, or a soft terrain tire? They are opposites. Soft terrain tires like the S12 are harder rubber than the hard terrain tires, which are soft rubber. Make sense?