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    Carb problem

    I can't believe I missed that. Thanks for the input. Looks like I should invest in a shop manual. Thanks again for the help.
  2. dirtdude288

    Carb problem

    I have two 04 KX 250f's, Last year one needed valve work and I put it off until now. I replaced the two intake vales lapped all and re-installed, at the same time I disassembled the carb because the hot start was frozen and wanted to check the rest of the carb. The carb looked very clean. Assembled the bike and started it, it wouldn't idle and would not stay running without the choke on. (running lean over all) Removed the carb and cleaned in a carb agitating tank, re-assemble with Kawasaki techs and still the same. Switched the carbs of the two bikes and bike runs great. The problem with stayed with the carb. Any suggestions?