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  1. rsweet

    So where are the IMS 4 gal graphics

    Do you know what kind of adhesive that was ???
  2. I have a 2005 SM with a CVK40 (from a KLR) which I have modified to the specs from this forum, KLX needle and clip/spacer, tried the 145 main jet, but found it ran much better with the stock 148. Vacuum hole on the slide drilled to 3/16, choke plunger the 3X3 and have an E header into the stock SM muffler. It pulls very well up top, but is not as responsive as I would have expected down low, and has a bit of a bogging sound from the airbox and you roll on the throttle. Any suggestions ???? I am in Victoria, BC, so pretty much at sea level............... Thanks so much, ROB
  3. rsweet

    New CVK40 convert

    What are the two lines running in to the carb. Obviously one is the fuel line, but what is the other ????
  4. rsweet

    free pirelli strada tire for canadians!!

    Will a 160 fit the SM ???????????
  5. Can anyone tell me what a choke plunger is, and how do you identify the vacuum hole ??? Thanks, ROB
  6. rsweet

    DRC taillight question

    Will the stock signal lights fit the Edge set up ???? Thanks, ROB
  7. Just wondering if the muffler is the same on all models with the header being a larger diameter on the E. The S/SM appears to have a bushing at the junction of the header and the muffler. Can I keep my SM muffler and simply add an E header ???