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  1. Why were you only in 4th gear? Just joking. Hope your ok
  2. It was probably 10-15 kicks.. It took forever, I mean RockyRoad almost passed me
  3. Im not sure if you slowed down or just maintained your mind blazing speed
  4. Awesome ride guys (and girl). And that wasnt just any warm beer, it was a warm PBR to be exact What about that rock just before the road Jat250wr? You forgot to mention that one. But watching Owhyee land in Cow had to be the highlight of the day. Full day of riding (105 miles) no injuries and 1 flat tire =
  5. I'll be there for the ride at 9. Blue chevy pickup with a green bike will be me
  6. Nice. I'll Be there!
  7. Anyone want to ride to Silver City or just a good desert ride this weekend?
  8. The works connection radiator braces are an awesome piece but they wont fit with an IMS tank. The top ears on both sides of the tank hit the braces. I went with Steahly for the skid plate and 9oz. flywheel weight
  9. Destry Abbott has 1 for sale. New and never fired with some extra goodies for $5400
  10. If you drove your car as hard as you ride your bike you would change the oil every 100 miles. 1 Qt of oil to cool and protect an engine at 10K RPM is going to break down and need changed every 1-2 rides. My drag car takes 8 qts. and is changed every 30 1/4 mile passes, that means i changes 8 qts every 7.5 miles. So if your going to skip some oil changes to buy some COOL shit... that cool shit better be a new engine.
  11. O Sweet16... I do have 10 yrs. on you but i think i can kickstart my own bike. Im sure your only use to kicking over your CRF50 or maybe 70. Maybe you should stick to the groomed trails or on a MX track, wouldn't want you to get hurt trying to keep up with the big boys.
  12. There's a ton of places to ride!!! Oreana/Grandview area if you want some really fast/wide sand washes. Fossil/Rabbit Creek for whoops and washes. Blacks Creek gets you into some fast ridges and some technical sections, or head up to Idaho City for the trees. Find some time when your dad can go and we'll show you 2 some cool places to ride.
  13. BBR
  14. Check out He has some "waterless" coolant that alot of the off road guys use and also some engine oil additive that is supposed to make the oil run cooler too.
  15. We had a great ride on Saturday up to Silver City. Unloaded at the horse corals off of silver city road and took some fun technical trails up to town. Took a little rest in town then headed through town to a wide/deep creek crossing and then went farther up a gnarly rocky waterfall and then on up to the summit. Little bit of snow on the way down... had to side hill about 50 ft. down a snow bank in one section Super fun ride and no one went down or got hurt