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  1. Nanook

    Noob mod advice needed

    Thanks for all the help. I got everything I need for now. This is a great place. I woke up not really knowing anything about a DRZ. Now at least I'm not clueless. Great store here too. And lets not have any more talk about tires or performance mods. My KLR is going to have a hard enough time hauling my fat ass to keep up as it is.
  2. Nanook

    Noob mod advice needed

    Thanks guys. I got the skid plate and case savers. All I need now are radiator guards and I can get this order sent. Any suggestions for radiator guards while I'm searching the forum answers?
  3. Nanook

    Noob mod advice needed

    My riding partner just bought a new DRZ400S, and I've been tasked with finding his gear while he works to pay it off. I have a Clarke tank and Corbin seat on the way already. From my searches here it seems Unabiker rad guards are the hot ticket? The skid plate and case guards have got me stumped though. Too many choices. Do I need both or will a skid plate with ears work alone? Anything else I'm overlooking? Performance mods will come later.