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  1. I live in so. cal and it really doesn't rain all that much but when it does I hate being wet. I currently have a Fox M-80 jacket that is water resistant,( which I doubt if it is even that). I'm interested in jackets that keep you dry, warm, have storage and are not too bulky. Any help would be great. Thanks Guys. Jim
  2. jcoxe9

    wr petcock

    why don't you just buy the right part?
  3. jcoxe9

    wr petcock

    what year wr petcock bolts on to the DRZ400s, stock metal tank? Does it need any mods to bolt on? I have an 03 S Thankx
  4. jcoxe9

    test the carb

    I have an '03 DRZ400 s. The vacuum in the fuel system is shot and gas parties its way out of the tank, into the carb, and out through the overflow. My questions are this: 1) how do I adjust the float/needle to stop the free flow of gas (I'm guessing this is the problem) 2) is there a better way to test it than hook it all up and wait to see of gas continues to dump out of the overflow? Thanks for any help.
  5. start with the baja 500, a shorter not as remote
  6. jcoxe9

    Tire Size for DR 250S

    my neighbors wife has your bike and she runs the 120. It looks really big on that little bike and it clears everything but the rear fender, she's a big woman.
  7. jcoxe9

    '08 dr-z400s

    I should say the bike feels great for being street legal, of course they feel even better when the suspension modified.
  8. jcoxe9

    '08 dr-z400s

    your good to go. The bike will feel like a pig at first but soon you will be used to blazing by police legally.
  9. jcoxe9

    How to build a jump...?

    short steep jumps buck your rear end, this is where most people fall, a longer more mellow jump is where you want to learn. also the take off needs to be at least double the length of the bike with a gradual rise to the lip. Landings need to double the width and at least 1 and 1/2 the length of the lip. Good luck, you are so lucky to be able to ride in your back yard. Where I live you have to ride/drive at least a 1/2 hour to ride
  10. jcoxe9

    Flexible sprocket/gearing/chain setup?

    front sproket is no problem to remove, stock rear sprocket is a pain, I had a breaker bar but was afraid of stripping the allen heads so I took it to local shop and for 10$ they removed it.
  11. jcoxe9

    i really need advice

    advice, go to school and focus on what you enjoy. At your age and income level you will not be ready to back up your work if you break something. Get a job at the local shop and learn what they do right and what they do wrong as well as building connections, experence etc. . Go to mmi to get the papers to back yourself up mechanicaly. Right now you should be looking for a way to get yourself in the door of the industry. Owing a business requires you to have credentials and time working on bikes. Good luck
  12. I recently moved into a new house and my new neighbor's wife is all over motorcross. We live in Corona, Ca. which is deep in the motocross industry. Anyway, she is starting a helmet camera business and was wondering what people would be willing to spend on a weekend rental? I have used the cameras several times and they are really cool, and all the footage is digital w sound. These are the same cameras used in supercross without the skipping and came be mounted allmost anywhere.
  13. jcoxe9

    A Bent Carb Needle!!

    buy a new needle, they run like 12$
  14. jcoxe9

    cases and skip plates

    I run a white brothers plate and left the stock plastic guards for extra help, the plate cost 60$. Get the case guards and the radiator guards. Protection makes a huge diffrence when your out on th trail.
  15. jcoxe9

    DRZ-400S- A front end diver!!

    Racetech in corna ca. will tune your suspension for 20$ makes a diffrence and they liketo see our bikes, something new I guess. Or for about 250 they will rebuild your stock forks or get the factory setup for $450. Great investment if you plan to keep riding it.