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  1. wjr1575

    Sell me your stock YZF450 exhaust

    Hi, I have a stock 03 YZF 450 silencer. It was only used about ten times before installing a ProCircuit TI exhaust. It is in great shape. I am traveling this week and will be going right back out of town for Memorial Day. However, I will try my best to take a couple of digital pictures when I get home. I am not familiar with how to email pictures using Thumper Talk. If you give me guidance on how to attach pictures in Thumper Talk or give me your email address I can forward you those pictures. Best regards
  2. wjr1575

    Starting Issue / Carb Issue

    The jets are all stock. I am at about sea level and the problem occurs regardless of temperature, though it is more pronounced during the winter (30 degrees).
  3. I own a 2001 WR250F with very low miles. Since I have owned the bike it has been a chore to start. I finally developed a routine that starts the bike pretty easy but it is contrary to how the manual and everyone says to start the bike. I twist the throttle about 4 to 6 times and then kick start with the choke on. It works really good but I know I shouldn't have to prime the engine like that. Any guidance on what is wrong with my carb would be appreciated. Best regards
  4. wjr1575

    leaking oil need help!!!!!

    It could also be the countershaft seal that is about $10 and can be replaced from the outside. I replaced the small o-rings only to find out it was the seal.
  5. wjr1575

    06' leaking oil

    I have this problem on my 06 kxf. I have replaced the o-rings as others have suggested. I am curious, did you actually replace a seal or the o-rings? If it was the seal, can it be replaced without tearing apart the engine?
  6. wjr1575

    starting problem!!!!!!!!!

    I have a 2001 WR250F which is basically the same as the YZF. I have the EXACT starting problem and no one has been able to help me out. I would appreciate if you could let me know if the starter jet fixed your issue.
  7. wjr1575

    Boot Selection

    I am recovering from a fractured ankle encountered while wearing Alpinestar Tech 6 boots. The boots are a couple of years old but seemed like they still provided good support. I have a few questions regarding ankle/boots. First, assuming I ride motocros and/or trails almost every weekend between spring and fall, how often should boots be replaced. Second question, I would like to buy really stiff boots for extra ankle protection in the future. What boot/boots are best at preventing ankle injuries? Last question, in general, do the really expensive boots provide a lot more ankle support?
  8. wjr1575


    I just had the same injury this past weekend. I overjumped the landing. I went to an Orthopaedic specialists who took x-rays. I have about a two inch hair-line fracture on the inside of my ankle. The Doctor has me in an air cast and on cruches. I will use these for two to three weeks. He said I should be able to ride again in five weeks. However, he noted that he would want to see me again to make a final assessment (most likely just to get additional $'s). I hope this helps.
  9. wjr1575

    Fouling Plugs

    I have a 2001 WR 250F with very low miles. The bike runs great but I am fouling plugs about every 2-3 hours. I have tried adjusting the pilot screw but it doesn't seem to help. The jets are stock. I am trying to figure out what I need to change on the carb to prevent the fouling. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. wjr1575

    Valve Check Problem

    No new parts needed to be installed.
  11. wjr1575

    Valve Check Problem

    Update: Turns out I had to take the bike to a mechanic to get it running. Apparently, after checking the valves I had kicked it so much, occasionally giving it gas to help start it, that too much fuel got in the cylinder and washed down the cylinder walls. This broke the ring oil seal and caused me to loose compression. The mechanic pulled the plug, squirted some oil in the cylinder, got it started, it was fine after that.
  12. wjr1575

    Valve Check Problem

    I only checked the valves. All I did was remove the valve cover, insert the feeler guage under the cams at TDC and reinstall the cover. I don't see how I could have lost compression so quickly. I don't think it is related; but, I also turned the carb sideways to turn in the pilot jet 1/4 a turn and cleaned some electrical connections with contact cleaner.
  13. wjr1575

    Valve Check Problem

    Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the specs on the decomp lever and adjusted as necessary but I still can crank the kickstarter by hand (which I couldn't do before I checked the valves).
  14. wjr1575

    Valve Check Problem

    Help! I am new to the 4-stroke motor and just checked the valves on my 2001 WR250 four-stroke. I believe that the valves are within spec. After putting the bike together I noticed that the very stiff part of the kick process (I think the spot right before tdc) was no longer there. Which would be great if it started without having to use the decomp lever but sucks because the bike no longer starts. I don't know if this means I am losing compression or what. I must have done something wrong but don't know what. Any assistance would be appreciated.