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  1. OK, it's winter and the snow is up to my footpegs. What are your winter survival tips until this stuff melts and I can go riding? (I don't like snowmobiles by the way.)
  2. moto-forge

    Shock help needed for Chinese Dirt Bike

    Test ride is complete. It actually works! The ride is just a bit stiff but I can eat more twinkies to compensate for that! It now does have a shock adjuster, so I can just crank it down a notch or two. You have to pull the shock, as you can't reach the adjuster. I'm going to add air valves to the fork caps and a lower chain guide with roller being the chain moves up and down now that it has rear suspension. All in all, it was a pain in the a#%! I bet I could finish an enduro with it, maybe 2. The motor is strong and is well built. If you abuse the frame you will probably end up with parts all over the trail. The gods will punish you if you try any serious air time. I've got about $800 invested in the bike, including parts and am happy with the outcome. You get what you pay for, sometimes a little more. Thanks for all the funny comments.
  3. moto-forge

    Shock help needed for Chinese Dirt Bike

    Well, it looks like I need to reinvent the wheel. I did replace the spring with an Eibach (It's a 45.5mmx200mm spring if anyone wants to know) but that didn't work. It seems they designed the linkage wrong and the only way to make it work was to put on a spring so stiff that the rear end wouldn't move. With a softer spring, the bike bottoms on the shock bumper when you sit on it as it has less then 3 inches of travel. I tried a similar length shock and that didn't work as the linkage action goes over center and the shock doesn't compress. Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe the Chinese should stick to taking our jobs and leave suspension design to others. Here is what I did. I went with a longer shock to allow for sag. I used a front shock from a 230 Quad with the Eibach spring I had already bought. I am in the process of making the correct shock bushings and should be giving it a test ride in a few days. Suspension travel is now 5 inches. This winter I will play with the linkage length and shock angle which should give me 6-7 inches of travel.
  4. moto-forge

    Shock help needed for Chinese Dirt Bike

    Nope, the parts rust way to fast to be galvanized! The motor looks to be built very well, and way ahead of the rest of it. Suspension is on par with a 70's jap bike (Early 70's). Brakes and wheels look well made. Frame and swingarm are probably melted down Tibetan prayer wheels.
  5. moto-forge

    Shock help needed for Chinese Dirt Bike

    Motor is a direct knock off of an XR or maybe late XL. Rear suspension has lower link arms. Scary looking welds! I hope to find a cheap used shock on e-bay if someone can help me with finding what will fit this. Next option is to replace the spring with a softer one. Last option is to gain about 200 pounds, but then the front end would be too soft. An all the welds would break!
  6. moto-forge

    Shock help needed for Chinese Dirt Bike

    Frrry Wing! Great! Here's a photo link http://www.netriverpublishing.com/auction/frywing.jpg
  7. OK, so you are going to laugh at me for buying a Chinese dirt bike. Fine. Just let me say that I've owned over 45 motorcycles and was a professional motorcycle mechanic for 20+ years. Let me also say that it was under $800 brand new, so I just had to try it. It's 150cc model made under a bunch of names (mine is a Fly Wing) and it is one of the best running bikes I have ridden. It does have a fatal flaw that keeps me from getting my $800 worth. The rear shock sucks! It's sprung like an F150. Here is where you can help me. The rear single shock is 11 1/4" long, eye to eye. Something sprung for a 200cc bike should be about right. Does anyone have a shock chart that gives lengths and spring rates for various bikes? I'm looking at picking up something used to put on it as I can't see spending $500 for an $800 bike. I can machine my own spacers, so that isn't a problem. I just need something in that length. I need to cross reference this shock into a shock used on a motorcycle that someone has heard of. Thank you for your help! P.S. If you buy one of these, replace things like the fuel line and filter ASAP. The rubber and plastic in China must be total crap. Once it touches gas it falls apart. Otherwise, no problems.