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    Hey sweetie! I thought I saw you on here yay! Yes, internet is way small - Christina's here too Hubby and I are going for a little ride tomorrow - w00t! Lemme get some seat time in before I try to keep up w/ you, mkay?! LOL. Hope you're well and say "hi" to Billy
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, all
  3. little chicken

    Back to dirt

    hey sweetie! (it's julienne!) considering your street experience, yeah, you may tire of the ttr. what we're gonna do when/if i grow out of mine is hang on to it for our (future) kids. just a thought
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    Hey ladies! Newb here...as in, totally new to riding, so pls excuse my ignorance in advance ...just wanting to say "hi"! I just picked up a TTR 125 a few weeks ago, which I think is a great choice considering I have zero experience, a nonexistent inseam, and am pretty much a chicken I love the bike so far. I wish I knew this was fun about 20 years ago! My interest was sort of sparked by my husband (he's been riding--street & dirt--for over 20 yrs.) In my search for pillion riding gear, I came across quite a few forums with female street riders who seemed to really enjoy riding. Anyway, hubby suggested I try dirt before street and that's pretty much the story. So, hi all!