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  1. Hi there, got a european spec bike (04) in the UK and in the interests of life preservation I want to fit some small indicators. Does anyone have any experience on this as the Honda kit is £300 (£120 of it is just for the flasher units !!) I can cut the cost by using aftermarket indicators but not sure how much of the honda brackets/relays I need or can I go aftermarket with these as well. Thanks Also need any tips on how to make the rear of the bike look less ugly, I need to keep rear numberplate lit so can not move it on top of the rear mudguard. Are the unused top fixing holes on the black plastic (right underneath the rear mudguard) for a different type of light ? as it look likes it would make the numberplate sit about 3 inches higher and I could do away with some of the plastic !
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    forgot to say don't accept their first quote, leave it 24h and they should send you an e-mail saying that you may be entitled to further discounts. give them a call, tell them your best quote so far and they should beat it. That's what i did.
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    pete try www.aquote.co.uk - I just bought a 3 month old xr400 and have insured it via them fully comp for £137. They brokered it with Norwich Union, so the policy is good, no silly excess or restrictions. I haven't ridden for nearly 3 years and they still accepted my previous 6years ncd that I had proof of. Prior to that I had been quoted up to £290 by various insurers, hope that helps.