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  1. I purchased 10' of tusk 1/8" !!!
  2. thanks just ordered 10'
  3. Dose anyone know the vent hose size for replacement? Never Mind Found it!!
  4. Thanks Chokey. I did all of the above. I am replacing the clutch basket with a hinson also.
  5. Got It!! Finally figured it out. The cover is a B to get off the PO went wild with Some sealant. Its everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What part of RI Scotty. I originally came from Johnston. Enjoying the snow?
  6. I can't seem to figure how to get this apart so I can remove the boot. The PO must have been to lazy to purchase a gasket and he gooped the damn thing with I don't know what. And alot of it too. Need some assist. Thanks
  7. I've been going through the service manual and it is not as easy to understand as the clymer manuals i've had for other bikes. In fact it seems a little confusing in some instances. I hope I can do this. The problem is I'm not familiar with these modern 2t engines. They say that they are simpler than the 4t, but i'm not seeing that just yet! Ahh a new learning curve.
  8. I think I might have a problem with my water pump. The sight glass is a little foggy. If i have to replace seals and shaft, is this a very difficult job? I have a manual. I have done plenty of invasive work on my klx 400. Just been away from the 2t for a good 30+ years. Scale of 1-10, 10 being difficult.
  9. I was facing your dilemma and choose to buy a KX 250 and keep the klx (my klx is done up also). I must say once I got on the kx 250 I said to myself that no one person should be allowed to have this much fun!!!!
  10. Thanks for the speedy response, much appreciated.
  11. it seems I have a small leak comming from the seal on the clutch armof my 02 kx250. Is this a difficult repair?
  12. Thanks. It's a longer seat than mine.
  13. Sure that might be helpful. I just see so many more choices on seat covers from 03 up. my 02 is developing a tear in the seam
  14. will an 03 seat cover fit on an 02 seat? Thanks Art