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  1. michelb7

    Oil Choice

    I am aware of the "Savior". He has helped me plenty. Grayracer....please be kind. I did search, but to no avail. Should I keep spending $10.00 a quart for the Yamalube?
  2. michelb7

    Oil Choice

    I have an 2006 YZ450F. Of course, I was informed by my Yamaha dealer to use Yamalube 4-R Semi-Synthetic 10W-50W oil. My friend uses castrol 20W-50W oil that he purchases at Autozone. He recommmends changing the oil frequently vs. buying expensive oils. What does everyone recommend? What is the best weight?
  3. michelb7

    Radiator Damage

    I was hoping you would reply. I've come to find out that your advise should be highly noted. The last problem I had with one of my bikes...you fixed. Thank you!!!! I guess you are older and YZer!!!
  4. michelb7

    Radiator Damage

    I recently layed down my 06 450F. I didn't realize it at first, but one of my radiators got dinged a bit. The radiator bent bent back about 1/4" and pinched the fins closest to the bolts. The radiator is not bent. It is the panel where the bolts attach to the frame. Is this OK? Should I replace the radiator? What should I look for if it is a problem? PLEASE HELP.
  5. michelb7

    Changing Tires

    Any suggestions for a front tire? Track or desert.
  6. michelb7

    Best Tires for 450F

    My 450 has completely demolished the stock rear 756 tire in a very short time. Unfortunately for the tire most of the riding has been in the southern california desert. I realize that I probably need a 739 or any other hard pack tire. Summer is here and now my riding will be mostly tracks with an occasional desert trip. I know that the 756 is a great tire for tracks, but since I do plan to take a few desert trips. Is there a tire that anyone can reccomend that may work for both types of riding? Something that will last?What about the front stock 739, any recommendations for the track? Please help!
  7. michelb7

    Hard time starting 01 YZ250F

    Thanks everyone for your help. I'll try cleaning the float needle and also make sure that it seats correctly. MAN...I FN LOVE THIS FORUM!!
  8. michelb7

    Hard time starting 01 YZ250F

    Thanks for the reply. I'll check the float. Hope it works.
  9. Went out riding yesterday and had a hell of a time starting my '01 YZ250F. . I tried the cold start, hot start...I've always been able to start it without a problem. I eventually had to push start the damn thing. I have never had any problems with this bike and I maintain it well. Another thing is that I am spitting out gas out of the overflow hose when I turn the gas on. The only thing that I have done differently in recent weeks is before storing the bike I empty the gas out of the carb by unscrewing the piece that the overflow hose attaches to. I have read and been told to do this so that the carburetor will not gum up. I am doing something wrong? Could this be an indicator that I need to adjust my valves? Since I have owned it (2004) I have never adjusted the valves? Or could this be a simple spark plug change? PLEASE HELP!
  10. michelb7

    Warning stickers on fenders??

    Hair dryer works perfectly
  11. michelb7

    GYTR factory catolog!

    Thanks for the info. Will call right away
  12. michelb7

    Exhaust for 2006 YZ450F

    Thanks for the input. What about jetting for either system (Dr.D or WB)? I live in Southern California and do most of my riding in the high desert.
  13. Best exhaust system for a 06' YZ450F? I've been considering a DR. D or the White Brothers Aluminum Pro. Any suggestions.
  14. Love the old school mullet!! Great Video!!