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  1. Thanks guys - if that's the real price of the tool my dealer was trying to pull a strange one or else just didn't understand. Of course I could have gotten this info in the service manual as well, but the same 2 dealers didn't have any service manuals so I guess I'll just have to order one and hope it's in. And yes, the exhaust cam is the one I'm trying to change as I believe the intake cam has same part #'s for 08 and 07.
  2. Ok boys, this sounds like it should be simple but I'm having a tough time and need some help please. Ordered the '08 cam to boost bottom end power of my '07 450 SX-F. Other cams I've installed had the cam sprocket already attached to it. The '08 comes WITHOT the cam sprocket installed and has no timing marks whatsoever. So how do I take my old cam sprocket and put it on the new cam? Called one local dealer who didn't know. Took it into another large KTM dealer who didn't know either - no one - not service manager or the recently KTM certified shop foreman or the A tech. So they called KTM for me. KTM told them that you need to install the sprocket onto the cam while it's in the bike, which makes sense because you can setup timing at top dead center of piston. However, KTM says install requires a special tool which my dealer wants around $700 for (that's just for the tool). Of course they won't order this on their dime so they can do other KTM cams, they want me to pay for it. Anyway, anyone already do this procedure without the special tool that could fill me in on the secret? Lastly, the 08 cam is definitely a different part number than the '07 cam, but doggone the lobes look identical. It got me wondering if the camshafts are the same but only the timing is different to shift the power down low. Anyone else make this observation. Hopefully I'm wrong and I actually paid for a totally different camshaft. Thanks for any help!
  3. I'm getting that the main 2 choices for pipes for an '07 450 SX-F are the FMF and the Akra. Anyone try both? Really trying to boost bottom end power, the real meaty feel down low, so I just ordered the '08 exhaust cam, and need a pipe to match it to. Seems like everyone likes both these choices, but I'm not thrilled about spending all the dough on them, so I was also curious if perhaps I could just order the '08 header and match it to my '07 can (the '08 header I believe is longer and more narrower to help with the bottom end boost). Or lastly, by adding just the cam and leaving my '07 full pipe, will I get most of the added bottom end that the '08 have, even with the less than optimal header pipe? Guess I'll know soon enough because I'll put in the cam and ride with '07 pipe, which will tell me how much power the cam alone adds. I just haven't been able to ride an '08 so I won't know how much more it could have with the right header. Any thought would be appreciated.
  4. VilleKTM - I noticed you have both '07 and '08 450's. So - how much difference in ride for fast mx b/w suspensions with the stiffer springs? How much do you weigh? Are you getting good sags w/ your '08 shock? Sat on the '08 in the shop and it seemed super stiff to me (175 lbs). Also, is it a BIG difference in bottom end power b/w the two? Enough difference to warrant me changing cams and/or pipe? I really like the bottom end feel of the CRF 450r or Kawi (don't like other stuff about them as much as my KTM though). Looking for that kind of bottom end and was hoping the '08 had it. Thanks
  5. vespaguy

    R&D Power Bowl on 450SXF

    Terry Blake, it's a reflection on your own intelligence to firstly question whether or not I own a real motorcycle and secondly, call my questions stupid. As to your first accusation, would I be viewing this forum if I didn't own a real motorcyle? I own a KTM 450 SX-F, shocking I'm sure because I'm reading this forum. I installed a JD jet kit in my Honda 250R and it made hardly any difference at all, which is why I question the ringing endorsement of additional products of that ilk. And before you accuse someone of having stupid questions, take a look at yourself. Your one short post has a mispelling (heve in your post should be have), and your statement "your extremely outnumbered on how good the product actually does work", is not even close to a gramatically correct sentence. Better yet, it's not even a complete sentence. So before you fire additional shots into a fight you don't have the skills to win I suggest you start studying remedial english (4'th -5'th grade would probably be a good starting point). After you get that under your belt you can work up to understanding why an alleged improvement on a float bowl just might not have the ability to give the rider the impression they're riding a totally different bike that feels like it had motor work done to it, with a night and day bottom end power difference that borders on forcing a 2 tooth gearing change. Heck I guess all the 250 riders out there could just make this float bowl mod and they'd be beating all the 450's down the straights. Just wait until that secret gets out. Watch out James Stewart!
  6. Thanks for the feedback mauricio; As a matter of fact, I already added the heavier flywheel (Steahly) and it worked nicely. Smoothed out the power and added some traction. That's good to hear about the cam making a big difference. Did you try the cam alone with the stock pipe, or try them both together only. Be curious if I can just add the cam without the pipe to get most of the bottom end w/o spending the big money on the whole new pipe system. Think I'll try the cam w/o the pipe first and maybe add a tooth in the rear. Combined with the already added + 8oz flywheel - hopefully this will give me most of the bottom umph I'm wanting. If not I'll add the pipe. Didn't know Pro Circuit had one - been hearing mostly about only the Akropovic and the FMF. Did you try either of these before you bought the Pro Circuit?
  7. vespaguy

    R&D Power Bowl on 450SXF

    I really hope you don't work for, or have some other affiliation with JD. Anytime I hear such a ringing endorsement for a product which claims almost a night and day difference from stock in the power dept, w/o motorwork, my radar goes up big time. If you're not affiliated in any way I apologize, but if you are, please don't use these forums to artificially increase demand for your product. I count on the info from fellow riders for UNBIASED info, not advertisements. I can get those out of the magazines.
  8. Anyone know if I can basically turn my '07 into an 08 (450 SX-F)? Read that 08 has quite a bit more bottom end power, achieved through cam lobes and header pipe. So, anyone know for sure whether I can just order the '08 cam and pop it into mine and expect same results? Also, could I just order the '08 header pipe which is longer and smaller and bolt up to my '07 silencer for same bottom end? (This seems like it would sure beat nearly $1000 for an FMF Megabomb system. Lastly, are the only differences b/w 07 and 08 suspension the spring weights? Read they went up a size in front (.48's I think), and up a size on shock (6.9 kg I think). Does anyone think these stiffer springs would be a great improvement, or just negligable for a 175 intermediate rider (motocross tracks only)? Seem to get fine free sag and rider sag figures with my stock 6.6 spring that came on the '07 (35mm free sag and about 107 rider sag). Why do I really need more stiffness? I rarely bottom out my suspension and when I do, it's because I'm trying to land a real big jump and don't land it right, which would likely bottom any suspension. When Motocross Action mag did a writeup on the '07 last year I recall they thought the stock 6.6 shock was too soft, but tried out the 6.9 and thought it to be way too stiff, so I'm curious why KTM thought that spring rate would be a great improvement. MX Action thought that it would be perfect with a 6.7 in the rear, which KTM didn't have available, but I could probably find it on the aftermarket. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. Hey guys, don't know how in the heck I did it, but I did it. I stripped the threads on the shock under the spring preload lock nut - the big one, on my '07 450 SX-F. Now I'm stuck on about 45 mm free sag. Can this be fixed with a huge tap set or something, or am I looking at big big $$$ for a whole new shock? Or I guess I can just ride around the MX track old-school chopper style.
  10. Anyone know where I can find a kickstand for my new '07 450 SX-F? Tried Pro Moto Billet and they don't have it out for my bike yet. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  11. Sure man, the KTM Manual for that bike says it has .46's in it. Many magazines say it's undersprung but many others say it's great. I got mine a couple months ago and just love it! Had sag tested by my suspension guy and mine was spot on stock (I'm right at 190 w/ riding gear on), so you're likely going to need the stiffer springs - go to .48's for the front and bump up shock too - stock is 6.6 - you're probably going to want 6.8 I would imagine. Good luck! You'll love your new ride - handles and turns like no other 450!
  12. Just wondering what everyone's running for sag on the new 07 450 sxf. I seem to be collecting a multitude of varying opinions. I'm coming off CRF 250r, which conventional wisdom says to set race sag at around 100mm. However, the new KTM's manual says very clearly that you should not set the race sag first, but the free sag. Says to set this right at 35mm for the 450 and at 33mm for the 250. However in many postings I'm seeing guys setting anywhere from high 20's to 40mm, or else not worrying about this and just setting the race sag at the traditional 100mm area, which I don't believe can be right for this bike - feels way too tight in the rear if I do this. I'm probably similar to most of you in weight, right around 180 without riding gear, which puts me close to the cusp of needing a heavier spring as per the manual, although the bike feels great as it is. But when I set the sag at the 35 mm free sag, I'm a little over 115 race sag, which seems to feel real good on the bike. Anyway, I always read everywhere from magazines to forums to suspension guys to manuals, that setting the proper race sag is the most important thing you can do for the performance of your bike. The KTM manual even says that even a mm or two away from the 35 mm can affect handling significantly (paraphrasing). However, in all I've read about this critical setting, noone ever really explains why it is so important - does anyone have a good explanation? I assume that if your sag is set too soft, you'll be operating low in the stroke of your shock and therefore not operating at all optimally, but this is my assumption based on logic, not based on physics or true knowledge. Opinions from some knowledgeable gents would be appreciated.
  13. vespaguy

    Ktm 450sxf

    Yes - I saw one at A1 also. But there are several racing on Canadian Motocross 450 class - check it out on Speed channel every week. They're fairing quite well, finishing top 10. The bike is definitely capable of being competitive with any other if it's in the right rider's hands.
  14. vespaguy

    How do you...

    I use a leaf blower to dry it - works awesome - takes like a minute or 2. Figured it's basically what's used on your car when you go through the autowash. Am I the only one that does this?
  15. vespaguy

    How do you...

    I use a leaf blower to dry it - works awesome - takes like a minute or 2. Figured it's basically what's used on your car when you go through the autowash. Am I the only one that does this?