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  1. K6JR

    Trade 2005 TC450 for TE250

    It is not that I can't handle the 450, I have been riding dirt bikes for 40 years. I am interested in a TE250 so I can ride on the road to the hills around here and I don't need all the power that the TC450 has for my kind of riding. Thanks for the input; Jim
  2. My TC450 has about 12 miles on it and is in like new condition. I have found that it is just too much bike for this old guy. My riding is on dirt roads and fire trails so I think that the TE250 would be a better fit for me. I am in the Reno Nevada area but am willing to travel a ways to make a trade. I have a toy box to hall it. I added a Husky kickstand and a 13 tooth drive sprocket. I have the 14 tooth also. Lets talk... Thanks; Jim Phone 775-969-3942
  3. K6JR

    Aftermarket Kickstands for TCs???????

    My 2005 TC 450 had all the holes for mounting. one of the parts is the mounting bracket that has the hole for the kickstand and two tabs that mount to the frame using existing holes. Jim
  4. K6JR

    Aftermarket Kickstands for TCs???????

    I got the TE kickstand from my dealer 2 weeks ago and it works fine. The outer springs are available now. My whole kit was $130 with tax. Good luck; Jim
  5. K6JR

    side/'kick' stand for '05 TC250

    I used the TE kick stand on my TC 450 and it works just like the TE. All the parts came to $130 at my Husky dealer here in Reno, NV. Good Luck; Jim
  6. Where will the races be held. I live 40 miles North of Reno and just might come down to watch. Thanks; Jim