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  1. sounds like an accelerator pump to me. sometimes they get stuck. take your air intake boot off and your carb should spray a direct shot of fuel into intake valve when your crack the throttle like that.
  2. kevina260

    need a cylinder for a 2002 cr250? LOOK AT THIS

    i have a used 02 cylinder. i parted out the engine. cylinder is in great shape. still has good cross hatch. they is no scroring or scratching. let me know.. i can send ya pics. i only want 90 bucks..
  3. kevina260

    CR500 misssing @ high RPM

    try a new coil
  4. kevina260

    thumpertalk help???

    hey guys how do i find the threads that i post without looking through all of them? is there a way to look at the ones i post and not have to scroll through all of them?
  5. kevina260

    02-04 cr 250 cylinder head mods

    hey thanks guys!!!! did you notice a power increase on your low end? thats what im lookin for. trying to keep up with those stupid four strokes!! and did you notice any loss up top????
  6. kevina260

    05 CR250... Boyesen Rad Valve or V-force?

    tps wire? please explain what that is.
  7. HI, going through the bike this winter. getting it ready for spring. put a new crank, bearings, piston, etc, on to my baby. was wondering how much i could shave off my cylinder head safely just to raise the compression ratio a little. i would still like to run pump gas in it as well..
  8. kevina260

    07 CR125R tickety tick

    jst ride the bike man:thumbsup:
  9. kevina260

    02 cr 250 power valve?

    i just bought this 02 cr25O with the rc power valve... i had the top end apart and wasnt sure if i needed to ajust the power valve and how this process is done? anybody know?
  10. kevina260

    02 cr 250 oil amount?

    just bought an 02 cr250 without an owners manuel... anyone know how much transmission oil it takes? it doesnt say on the cases! thanks so much
  11. kevina260

    cam chain?

    because i need to remove the cyllinder head and i have never seperated a chain b4.. i wasnt sure where you could get a tool or how to use the tool? ha ha..
  12. kevina260

    cam chain?

    anybody ever seperated and pressed on a new link on the cam chain on an 05 ktm 450sx?
  13. kevina260


  14. kevina260

    finding tdc??

    hi i just bought an 05 ktm 450sx. i was told the valves needed adjusted and i am not to sure how to find tdc on the bike. is there plug somwhere to remove? i dont not have a service manuel and cant even find one. what is the spec for the ex and intake and do i need and shim kit or are they just simple adjusting nuts and studs. thanks so much!!!!
  15. hi, i have an 05 ktm 450sx and it doesnt seem to run quite as good as i had hoped. i heard these engines were awesome, thats why i bought a ktm. when you quickly get on the gas at low rpms it hesitates and hicups and seems to have low power. but once the rpms get high enough it runs perfect... it just doesnt seem to have the power like it should right out of a corner.. i had an 02 crf450 and it didnt do that?? any sugestions?????