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  1. mastteron

    RSV 450 Aprillia

    Do you mean the RVX or the SVX ? Try the aprilia forum. There is a bunch of info there on all the prilers.. http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/index.php
  2. mastteron

    Idiot comment filter needed

    the search is an excellent tool, but there are sometimes that it wont work, and you are really freaked out about a new thing you just saw on your new bike and want to know ASAP if that thing that just happened means you have to dish out 2ks on your bike... so people that know stuff have the awful curse of teaching new people.. I bet everyone once had a stupid question they had to ask, and maybe they didnt know how to look for the answer or they had no clue what key words to look for.. so if it bothers you I bet there is someone out there that wont mind guiding a newbe or a lost guy to the right answer... So there is no need to make a big deal about it and ignore it..
  3. mastteron

    450 single weights??

    if the new aprilias enduro and supermoto had been here for a while, that would actually be a bad a$$ engine to be using, 550 v-twin with 70hp,
  4. I cannt find the main air jet in a freinds wr 250 2001... I cant figure it out with the manual thanks
  5. I cannt find the main air jet in a freinds wr 250 2001... I cant figure it out with the manual thanks
  6. mastteron

    where to get valves??

    thanks for the replies.. I am waiting to hear from my mechanic, but anyways I just wanted to get some valves if I need them
  7. mastteron

    where to get valves??

    I think I might need new valves for my 05 rmz, but I haven't been able to find the kebblewhite valves that you guys recomend from the online stores I frequent(motosport.com).. So where do you guys get your kebblewhite valves from, or are there any other valves you guys recomend, stock? and that are also less pricey than the PC ones. I dont race, I use the bike for trail riding dont know if thats an issue. thanks
  8. mastteron

    Are High End Helmets Worth The Cash

    I will try to find the mag report they did on streetbike full face helmets, where they compared agv arai nolan hjc etc... from high end to low end, and the best helmet was a $200 helmet.. So its basically the same for offroads, the price dont mean a thing
  9. mastteron

    Pressure suit for hot weather

    thanks for the reviews, I just ordered one, and cant wait to try it on and ride with it
  10. mastteron

    Pressure suit for hot weather

    thanks, I did a search but some say its hot some say its bearable like you.. well I think I will get one anyways
  11. I am looking into buying a 661 pressure suit, the only problem I have is that we have 100 degrees of pure heat for the summer months. Does any one have any suggestions if the heat can be bearable with this kind of suits? also how thight will the jersey fit over this things,, I am looking in buying a medium pressure suit, and I have medium jerseys... thanks for your help
  12. mastteron

    fork seal leak newbie, help!

    I just bought a rmz-250 05', the bike came with pro-works suspension, anyways I took it for a ride on saturday, and after getting from the ride and taking the bike of the trailer I see that the forks are all covered with oil and dirt...So i come in the forum and try to use the 35mm film trick, but when I use the film to clean the fork seals, I just get some more oil bleed and more oil dripping from the forks, no dirt or anything... So the question is, am I doing the 35mm film trick wrong, or the seals are just busted and they need changing? will this seal change have an effect on the pro-works suspension work, or it wont change it at all?? thanks for your help