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  1. racegmc

    sss forks

    I was just wondering if you can add fork oil through the air bleed screw on the 06 450 sss forks. I was wanting the mid and past stroke to be a little more firm. So I was going to start with 5cc added to each leg.
  2. racegmc

    Rebuilding Forks

    My right fork is leaking a little bit. Does this mean the entire fork needs rebuilt. If so, what brand is the best to buy for a complete fork rebuild kit for an 06 yz450 if that is necessary?
  3. racegmc

    13.75:1 CP piston

    I have an 06 450f and have at least 150hrs on it. Never have had to replace anything internally. Starts up everytime with no problems. So my question to you is, why would you open it up if you have not tried an exhaust system, filter or any other bolt on products yet. These are awesome bikes and are very reliable. I would do that first before spending money on internal parts that are still good.
  4. racegmc

    06 yz450 carb problem

    I had the same problem. Come to find out I had put to much oil on my air filter after I cleaned it.
  5. racegmc

    High Comp Piston

    It is strange nobody knows anything about this topic?
  6. racegmc

    High Comp Piston

    Has anybody tried any of the high compression pistons for the 06 450f yet? I was wondering if they would have any affect on the reliability?
  7. racegmc

    cant Get 06 450 to run right

    I am running the fmf jet kit in my 06 450f and it screams. I also have the 4.1 and uni filter
  8. racegmc


    Anyone tried the boyesen quickshot on a 2006 yz450f yet? I was wondering if it helped the bottom end like it says. Mine now does not bog so I was wondering if it was worth it. Or has anyone had results with it!
  9. racegmc

    carb needle?

    I have an 06 450f with 48p 170m filter fmf 4.1 and was wondering where obtain the red needle from jd jetting or equivalent. Cant find it anywhere seperately.
  10. racegmc

    06 yz450 susp

    I was wondering what the stock suspension settings were on the 06 450fs
  11. racegmc

    so what is it with the 06?

    I have the same problem! I always have to adjust the fuel screw to make it stop popping. Really is a pain to deal with every time you ride.