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  1. ccmoto286

    '06 YZ 450F gas cap/tank vapor lock?

    no it doesn't. if i let it sit there for too long idleing it will over heat of course but otherwise it doesnt get too hot. i pulled the one way valve off the tank and am going riding tomorrow (sunday). i will try some jetting if that doesn't work. have you gotten any further on yours?
  2. have you figured out the bogging problem yet? i rode my 06 yz450 this winter in about 60 degree weather and it was popping really bad when decellerating. now about a weak ago i rode in 75 degree weather and it stopped popping but is now bogging in mid-air and through whoops. my buddy is having the same problem. the bike seems like it runs out of gas in mid-air and will completely stall, even if you try to keep the rpms up. it will finally start back up when the tire grabs the dirt after almost crashing because the back wheel is locked up. it is hardly even rideable. i have been told it could be leak jet, valves, or pump. it seams to start doing it after about the 3rd lap when it is really warmed up. i have had yz250f every year since they came out and had absolutely no problems.
  3. ccmoto286

    '06 YZ 450F gas cap/tank vapor lock?

    hey brian, i am having that exact same problem. have you figured it out yet? it was running fine in cooler weather, and now that it has warmed up to like 75 its bogging through whoops and while coming down from jumps. it starts to do it after like 3 laps on the track. i put a 170 main jet and that didnt help. ???