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  1. alright thanks yall for the advice
  2. another thing is i drained my radiator fluid out by taking the bolt off..but how to i make sure all of it is out before i put new in? or should it all drain out at once
  3. alright i might try to engine ice..and the only reason i am concerned with color is because i heard that if you mix certain coolants that it can make a jell-o..but im not sure how truthful that is but id rather not find out with me bike
  4. i just drained the radiator fluid out of my yz250f and it is green fluid..my question is what antifreeze/coolant can i use that is green because i want to keep it the same, but is also a good kind. Thanks
  5. I use the maxxis S/I for the front and maxxis I/T for the rear. ive been using this set up since i had the bike and the tires last for a long time, and not to forget the awesome traction it gives me..i ride the same time of terrain you do with rocks, roots, mud. these tires have seen it all and have done great
  6. Hey everybody,ive been riding alot of open places and i want my bike to have more top speed. I got clocked yesterday around 65-70 with just a White Brother Pro Alum 2 on. i want to buy stage 2 Exhaust and Intake hotcams. but since i dont have the money yet i want to get new sprockets. How much more top end speed would i get with a 47 rear, and a 14 front? thanks
  7. lucky i want my own track..i have alot of woods but no jumps
  8. yes thats it doug henry i was thinking david baily for some reason
  9. i cant remember the name but its on the tip of my tounge. A pro motocrosser over jumps his landing ramp because his throttle got stuck..i thing it was a honda rider and this is a older vid.
  10. aint that the truth..i would have said well ill take my chances. and about cigs starting fires..We have had atleast 3 fires on I-64 that i know of in the past 1 1/2 or 2. ive never heard about a dirtbike starting a fire or a four wheeler.
  11. sit down more..pretty much sit on the back fender. and make sure to cover the rear brake.
  12. Pinnacle creek as in WV H/M...great pics by the way
  13. i dont mind it to much..but i ride trails and all the trails i ride on are red clay!! sooo slippery when it gets wet its like riding on ice
  14. maybe a stronger leg?? ive never had this problem but i do have my own little secrets on how to start my bike..but somtimes my bike does start easy when my foot slips of by accidents
  15. acdc thunderstruck or TNT or back in black