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  1. maim

    1983 Yamaha XT 250

    you can get the jug and head off in the frame but it is a pita. can you take a bore scope to it and see if it dropped a valve? otherwise i would suspect the tranny locked in 2 gears.
  2. maim

    2008 wr250r Radiator

    well the part # for the 08 is 3d7-12461-00-00. for the 09 is 3d7-12461-10-00. now with my experinance with yamaha sleds, this could just be a materials change or supplier change. from the looks of the pic, the 09 will hook up the same as the 08 and should work.
  3. also check the screen in the carb under the needle and seat as it tends to get plugged. xt350 forks are small for the bike. if the 200 forks are larger in diameter and you can get strong enough springs for them, go ahead and swap them onto the xt. just be aware you might have to put the tt front wheel on for the brakes to work.
  4. maim

    2015 Yamaha WR250R SM Conversion.. help

    well. as a wr250x rider, i have done the clevis mod and added a yamma link lowering link to mine. got it down almost 3" from stock on the rear and slid the forks up in the tree about 1". i am 5'6" with a 28" inseam and i can balance mine on the front ball of my foot quite well. i was tippy toe and one foot only when i rode it stock. i know it looks cooler in supermoto trim but they do make avon distanzias that fit the front and rear on that bike. they are pricing much cheaper than the 17" for my sumo do.
  5. maim

    xt350 needle shims

    well the mukini needle shims for a sled work but mine is done with an electrical eyelet that i cut off the red/pink crimp on part off.
  6. maim

    Xt 350 worst forum.

    i help out when i can but other hobbies/women get in my way for getting on here some times.
  7. maim

    87 xt 250 need help!

    there is a sight glass behind the brake lever to check the oil when the bike is level. my xt350 is similar to your bike and if it sits for an extended period, I usually pull start it as it is a bugger to kick start. odds are you need to clean the jets and emulsion tube on the left carb of the bank to get it started as they might be plugged with varnish.
  8. maim

    Blasted #@!$%#^ Cold Start - 2000 XT350

    Choke on, slight throttle flick while kicking and kick with authority.
  9. maim

    wr250r reliability

    heck it took me 14000km before i burnt out the fuel pump controller in the tank on mine and it is an 08 whitch is when the bad pumps where, never had a problem with the stator but got it done in any case.
  10. maim

    Xt 350 warm start

    i usually crack the throttle a bit while kicking it over on a warm start on mine.
  11. maim

    XT350 Indicator gremlins

    x2. need a different flasher to run led signals. oe will only do incandescent bulbs.
  12. maim

    1981 XT250 front disc upgrade

    is the xt350 forks shorter?
  13. maim

    XT350 Master cylinder issue

    odds are the fluid is just old. mine was doing the same and I just drained the master, refilled and bled the brake. nice and hard now.
  14. maim

    83 xt200 with xt250 jug and head?

    xt225 over the 250 unless the new one is more compatible than the old one.
  15. maim

    XT 250 Wont start after top end rebuild

    push/pull start it. or you have to make shure the decompressor (if equipped) is disconnected. that is how i had to start my xt350 after the new piston and rings.