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  1. jeff Williams

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    Phil, as always I'm subject to your wish. I'll be in the are within the next few months and we'll go for a ride. . I'll bring the 'S' and try to keep up. . here is my address. wmsdds@charter.net cya jeff ps you can always come over on most sundays and ride with us or the z-boys,(Z-Rated). Its always good for a laugh jw
  2. jeff Williams

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    Drew, I guess it doesn't matter since you only weigh about a buck wet . What ever you do it will be fine to watch. Lets get a group together in the next week or so. cya soon. Phil, tourist are always welcome. hehehehe Sorry phil but I had to, come on down and we'll ride. Maybe drag Drew and Ingmar along. I hear from a few Zrated friends that I rode with last weekend that drew gets BIG air on hwy 229. Where do you live. jeff
  3. jeff Williams

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    Drew, I'm looking at a combo you might be interested in. Use the Power Race,(soft), on the front and the Pilot Power on the back. IMO its ok for the rear end to kick out if needed, but the Power Race maybe to sticky for kicking out w/o the posibility of highside/superman. I realize that it maybe a rare thing but it only has to happen once to ruin your year. Their is the lack of hp issue as well. IMO you would be more likely to have it happen with a lower hp bike. Just a thought, and since I've seen the superman move many,many times and I'm an 'mature' rider,( ) thats the combo I'm going to use for the Husky. jeff
  4. jeff Williams

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    Drew, hey little buddy, you can ride the 510 ANYTIME. Better yet, invite your dad again and take my 510 just to show him that the 610 IS an old mans bike.. Just kidding, the Husky will be on the road every day starting 4/24. cya soon jeff
  5. jeff Williams

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    I like squishy.
  6. jeff Williams

    WFO at Buttonwillow - VIDEO

    Drew, I always love to ride behind you. But I guess I've come over to the dark side. I should have the suspension sorted out by the end of the month. cya on sunday with zrated. jeff