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  1. It almost makes me just want to keep it. The price we put into these bikes and how little we get back after selling them is crappy. My next bike will be a 4 stroke for sure. Im going to take it out one more time for new years untill the time come to sell it.
  2. Hey, Im going to sell my 03 RM250 soon and was just wondering what there worth, and the value of them. Like i said it's an 03 RM. I'v rode it hard for a about a year now, so it has the usall dents, dings, and scruffs. It has about 4 hours on new wiseco top end, FMF fatty and TurbineCore 2 Silencer. IMS desert tank, 909 bars, Renthal chains and sprokets are brand new. So what's the value of these things?
  3. I have 02 RM250, goin from 14/52 ratio to 14/48. How many link chain should i run?
  4. alright whatever **** this whole thing. i hate this fourm. u think i really give a **** what u guys say? **** no. **** some of you guys.
  5. Yea i heard somthing like that. I am sorry about the las message if anybody saw it, i carried away and let myself go.
  6. ok well what am i suspoised to say then.
  7. Ok. I hurd that you have to rebuild crf motors after 24hours? is this true? is it just crfs, bcause i also hurd its also only 450s. I am looking at buying a 450 but i really dont want to go throught rebuilding after 24 hours.so is this true? thatnks
  8. Oooh ok. I know what your talking about now. I hurd that removing the snorkle changes the carb setings, and makes it run different do to the incress of air flow. Is this true?
  9. Ok, this way sound stupid but were is the snorkle located? And what kind/type of airefilter should i get?
  10. Is there any cheap way to mod my airbox on my '04 XR100, it seems pretty restrictave. new filter? different box? thanks for any info