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  1. Hello, I recently took a 2008 150 R that my 11 year old rides back in for a possible rejetting and or valve adjustment due to the bike bogging down. The bike only has about a total of 3-4 hours on it and was bogging really bad. The mechanics found that one of the saddles for the cam shaft had broken up and fell down into the engine when they were checking the exhaust valve clearances. They then had to take the engine apart to retrieve the metal that could potentially cause additional problems and these bikes do not come with a warranty. It has ultimately led to a complete engine rebuild that is costing alot of labor time on my part. Honda is willing to pay for the parts but not the labor. Do you think this is fair due to the fact that this bike is so new along along with considering their issues with the cam assy. for the 2007? I'm just suprised that they are not willing to back their products up more... David Northcutt-Jonestown