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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the replies! I checked out the links and there's some great info there. Definitely a much easier machine to work on than the desmo head Ducati I'm trading for it. So the plan is to work on the jetting as soon as I get it. Fortunately I already have extensive flat slide experience from the Duc. I'll look into retrofitting a radiator fan from a different model. I work nights though, so I commute when it's cool and never see any of the dreaded Seattle gridlock. I'm pretty sure gearing it up is going to be a must. When I rode it before it seemed like it had way lower gearing than I'd ever need on the street. I'm still torn about tires though. It will spend 95+% of it's time of pavement, and the off roading I do isn't going to be at any type of race pace, so I may go with more of a street oriented dual sport tire. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. -James
  2. Hi, I just traded my streetbike for a relative's 625 SXC (I think an '04 but not positive) and am hoping someone can help me answer a few questions. I live in the city (Seattle) and plan on using the bike for commuting as well as exploring off road in the mountains (reason I made the trade). Right now it's licensed with a Baja Kit and stock tires. The relative who I traded with doesn't think the tires would be appropriate for city riding and has stated safety and longevity concerns about them on the street. I would like to eventually put together a SM kit with brakes and wheels I can swap out when I want to go into the mountains, but that's not financially feasible at the moment. Given an immediate modification budget of a couple hundred dollars, what changes would you suggest for my purposes? I'm very mechanically inclined and can do all work myself, I'm just new to the whole dual sport thing. Thanks -James