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  1. ucan1970

    Safe parking in Mexicali?

    If you decide to stage out of calexico/mexicali you can leave your truck at my pad..... plenty of space in my back yard. I live in Calexico, 1 mile from the border. From there you can ride into mxli on bikes and hit either laguna salada (code 500 course) or ride on San Felipe Hwy, turn right into Azufre canyon then hit code course again....
  2. ucan1970

    Plaster City/Ocotillo night ride 9/29

    Hello, I'm interested also.... but can not commit yet. I will know by this weekend if i can make it. I will keep watch on the thread, and post by the weekend. I live in calexico, so it doesnt take much for me to make it out. amc
  3. ucan1970

    Aprilia In Baja 1000?

    22 miles north of me... Calexico/Mexicali
  4. ucan1970

    Mexico Route via dirt bike

    Another option is to ride from tecate to la rumorosa (or stage at la rumorosa) then down the old rumorosa road, which will drop you down to the desert. From there you can follow the McMillin 500 race course to san felipe.
  5. ucan1970

    GPS question

    I did mine similar to KJL. I too bought a ram mount but was not happy with it. I did get the ram with the u bolt type attachment for the bars, so maybe the one like JAT has would have been good for me. Ill never know now, since i am happy with what i have done. I cut a piece of aluminum plate to fit on top of my Underbar stabilizer, attaching it to my bar clamps with small 5/16 holes i drilled and tapped. Then attached the ram cradle to it with some rubber washers i made out of some radiator hose i had lying around. I tried using the loose ziptie around like most do but i opted to go around the gps antena. It is a pain to get the gps out (have to cut ziptie) but i just carry zipties with me all the time. http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2305468750100316452rLPsun?vhost=good-times http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2869482700100316452EgAZvS?vhost=good-times http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2379348050100316452JuKGpb?vhost=good-times
  6. ucan1970

    NEED Baja Riders this week

    You can also leave from La Rumorosa, to Ramonas then out west. There are a few camp grounds in La Rumorosa where you can leave your vehicle over night. (safely) I wouldn't recommend riding through La Salada this time of yr.
  7. ucan1970

    It was an 105 in Plaster City today

    109 here in calexico today..... still not that bad. Anything over 115 is when it gets fun....
  8. ucan1970

    Dr. Mark help on AC dislocation

    Thanks Doc, i've decided to not go with surgery! And i had the tape job removed. Now i only have the sling.
  9. Hi Dr Mark I took a spill yesterday and did this to my shoulder. http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb246/ucan70/scan0002r.jpg http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb246/ucan70/scanR.jpg From the link on your webpage it seams i have an AC dislocation. ER doc says it is a III and could be left alone or go with surgery. He did a procedure where he put pressure on the collar bone to lower it onto my shoulder then taped me up and put me in a sling type thing. (one of the x rays is after the procedure) I am going to a specialist today but would like your opinion. Is surgery necessary in my case??? thanks in advance
  10. ucan1970

    4.5 housrs at the Tecate border crossing!

    On the way to ensenada it would probably be easiest for you to head to san diego, then ensenada from there. But on the way back (since you are driving east anyway) if you are willing to drive ensenada-tecate-mexicali or ensenada-tj-tecate-mexicali, the wait in line will be much less. I've never heard or done 4.5 hours line in the mexicali area, ever. Currently crossing the border here has been around 45 to 65 min. You can also call this number for an updated crossing time. (760-768-2383) The east port of entry usually has a shorter waiting time, especially if you are coming back on a weekday. Although i have experienced short lines sunday mornings.. around 9am. The drive from TJ to Mexicali is not as bad as some make it to be... the toll road is in great shape. And driving down La Rumorosa grade is pretty cool too....
  11. ucan1970

    4.5 housrs at the Tecate border crossing!

    Yes... sentri is the way to go for locals. I live in calexico/mexicali and average about two cars in front of me at all times except weekdays 6am-8:00am (school drop off times) and 2pm-3pm (school pick up time). It is cool to come back after a ride and just drive across without having to wait for hours. I've never used my sentri pass in TJ so i have no idea how backed up it gets over there.....
  12. I ordered the guts soft, but when it came in i found it was no softer than my original KTM seat. So i returned it and ordered the EE soft. Much better!! The EE has my vote..
  13. ucan1970


    Hello, My question is simple....... what do you guys think of spinning as opposed to running? I am 37 y/o and although my knees don't hurt, i like the fact that spinnings is not as hard on knees as running. (or is it?) Does spinning burn as much calories as running or less? I have been doing the spinning class for about a month and a half now and just recently began weight training also. Normally, i do the spinning class for 1 hour then weight lift for 30 min. Mon. spinning 1hr, chest-shoulders 30min Tues. spinning 1hr, arms-back 30min Wed. spinning 1hr, abs 20min Fri. spinning 1hr no weights thoughts??? thnks
  14. ucan1970

    525 EXC vrs Husqvrna TE510

    If you want a racier engine, then go with the XC model rather than the EXC. XC is close ratio. Both XC and EXC have the same 6th speed ratio. ( i believe )
  15. Hello all I will be visiting a friend that lives in the victorville area (adelanto to be exact) and would like to get a few suggestions on where to ride sunday Oct 1st. I am not familiar with the local trails, and he lives up there but does not ride very often, due to work. Better yet, is anybody riding anywhere near where we could meet up with and tag along.... . any and all info is greatly appreciated. thanks