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  1. white_boy

    higher gear ratio

    i run a 16/37 but i would get the 17/37
  2. white_boy

    Ok need a little help picking out me a pit bike?

    I'm 6foot and i ride 10" wheels,slide"n every where is part of the fun
  3. white_boy

    got mi new moto

  4. white_boy

    got mi new moto

    nah its none of that bull dog sh!t, its a SAR technics from italy
  5. white_boy

    got mi new moto

    thanx umm.. its a 2006 modle -110cc, -24mm carb -10" rims blah blah blah them graphics all out of the factory payed 1,000 secand hand of a mate (AUD) got new bars and rims sub frame with it
  6. white_boy

    got mi new moto

    http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i284/thumpertalk/sar110fe_blue.jpg here is a pic of it enjoy!
  7. white_boy

    how much did u pay?

    how much did all you 110cc riders pay for ya big bore kit
  8. white_boy

    How much do you weight?

    58kg, i ride a SAR 110cc
  9. white_boy

    looking at thumpstars

    kk no worries
  10. white_boy

    sikk 50?

    is "sikk" a brand in australia, neva herd it b4 and they sound great!??
  11. white_boy

    looking at thumpstars

    ok cheers!
  12. white_boy


    just wondering if any one would be willing to trade a pit bike for my KX80 91/92 model good condition i live in western australia perth
  13. white_boy

    looking at thumpstars

    i was looking at buying a thumpstar super hunge 110cc can any 1 tell me if they have had one or what their like (slow,fast,breakdowns ect) cheers