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  1. nuffins01

    Longer shift lever?

    Agreed. I was having a horrible time shifting until I got the MSR. The 1" extension makes a major difference. I think the MSR is a great product, but I would keep in mind that they seem to bend easier than the stock, I had to bend mine back out after a small wreck that about sent it through my crank case.
  2. nuffins01

    Is the DRZ too heavy for off road?

    I ride yellow pig offroad exclusively. All my fellow riders have MX bikes, they struggle through some rocky areas, and miserable hill climbs. All places the 400 excels. We have rode enduro trails the past few weeks, and I eat them up! If anyone has any question about the abilities of the drz 400, stop on by lil ol cumberland, MD, and we will go for a ride!
  3. nuffins01

    bad stator(burned)???

    I got my Moose stator from the TT store for a few bucks less than 149. They cant advertise the actual price because its below cost. But if its still available, its a good deal. Not to go off topic here, but has anyone installed the Moose 200 w stator and had any problems with it?
  4. nuffins01


    I call mine "Yellow Pig" and she loves the mud. I guess my avatar should give away that name though...
  5. nuffins01


    I received the CDI today, and will test it within the next day or two. I will let you know the outcome. Thanks again!
  6. nuffins01


    Thanks for the refresher Noble. I was aware of the difference between the two, because I had read that in another CDI thread. Good ol' Search feature.. But now I am sure of how to get a spark. Thanks again!
  7. nuffins01


    Thanks to everyone who replied and offered to assist me with my problem. I was turned to this site from a fellow TT'er, because he said everyone was knowldgeable, and helpful. I am glad I am here, and hope to return the favor to someone else, when I am able to do so. <<< Insert Sentimental Joke Here >>> I will reply with the outcome of my problem, when i receive the CDI.
  8. nuffins01


    500 RPM at this point wouldnt be a problem, because I dont ride it that fast, I am ussually on technical trails, or small tracks. This is a request to someone in the tri State area of MD, WV, PA. I am in Cumberland, MD, and if anyone has a CDI they would allow me to test on my bike, it would be appreciated. I am certainly willing to bring the bike to your house, or a meeting place, to test, but feel comfortable to send me one, and I will return it. Any takers? Feel for Yellow Pig, she may be in need of a new heart. Help me find out!
  9. nuffins01


    I have narrowed my other thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=401814 down to this issue. My buddy who is a mechanic at a local dealership took my bike for a few days and determined this to be the issue. So what else is there to do when a professional mechanic provides a resolution, since he surely knows better than I. Anyhow, I may have access to a S/M model CDI, but they are 500 rpm less on the rev limit, is it even worth the money, or will I notice dramatic changes?
  10. nuffins01


    Im in search of a replacement CDI. This is for a 2004 E model. I need one that will work with stock components. If anyone has one for sale, or knows where I can get one for cheaper than $250 let me know. Has anyone tried to "procom" model that is on ebay for $90? Thanks in advance!
  11. nuffins01

    Burned, Anyone, Be my HERO!

    Is there anything special i needed to add to the bike for the 200W stator to work? I was debating on removing it tonight, and putting the old one back on to see if it will start. Also, putting on the old RR didnt change my situation.
  12. nuffins01

    Burned, Anyone, Be my HERO!

    Just out of curiosity, is it possible for a defective RR to cause this issue? Because the issue didnt start until i replaced this part.
  13. nuffins01

    Burned, Anyone, Be my HERO!

    I know its not spark, i tested all 3 plugs outside the chamber. All 3 have a good spark (2 plugs are new, 1 is 7 mos.). I will try the starter fluid while its running tonight, if i can get it started. My buddy also checked the compression and said it was fine. So I will try to find if there is a fuel/ignition problem i can diagnose. Thanks for the replies last night from everyone!
  14. nuffins01

    Burned, Anyone, Be my HERO!

    I have added starter fluid before attempting to start it, which never helped. Is it really safe to add it while the bike is running? Also, if this works, are the odds good the bike will stay running in the woods, if i dont find the cause of the problem?
  15. nuffins01

    Burned, Anyone, Be my HERO!

    Yes, this is and E model. 2004