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  1. I will say check valve clearance, fuel hoses. Depending on how many hours, look into inspecting the entire top end.
  2. 15k miles on mine, stock internals and going strong!
  3. It should be solid for a while now. It has a new Wiseco piston in there. I don't rev bikes up too much either as Im not the fastest out there. Should provide lots of hours of fun!
  4. My KTM did the same for a while when new. Sometimes a little engine oil finds its way to the pipe while in the crate (rocking or placed the wrong way). Just ride it and eventually it will burn all up. As long as there are no other signs like loss of power or weird noises, you will be ok!
  5. That's exactly why I picked it up. I had a 05 450EXC and them engines are bulletproof! I loved the power curve too, very usable!
  6. I haven't mesed ithte suspension yet other than the 11 link. The only thing I am missing is the 22mm clamps but that might have to wait a little. Just got a new Harley and its calling for a few mods! lol!
  7. I added a white rear fender and some small anodized blue bling. Now it just needs to be ridden!
  8. It did, mirrors and tail light were taken off. This one is for offroad use only!
  9. I traded my 07 250xcf for this 07 525EXC. This bike is in excellent condition and it shows 35 hours on the hourmeter. Very little evidene of wear. I had a 450EXC not too long ago and I loved the bike in the woods. This should be similar (I hope). Just something to beat around for a while!
  10. 06 KX450F with some updates:
  11. Motocross

    I think it will come down to who ever makes the least mistakes. In that case, it is hard to bet agains Dungey although I will love to see Stewart win it, that will make next season that much more interesting!
  12. Supercross

    I thought Vital had a lot of morons but this place is catching up at a fast rate!
  13. Supercross

  14. Motocross

    Ignorance is daring!
  15. Well, she is almost ready to go, just need a few more touches. Upgrades include: Wiseco Piston kit Hourmeter 2011 Shock linkage Michelin Starcross Mh3 front and rear Silicone radiator hoses Easton handlebars Scott Grips Cycra handguards Dirt Digits numbers Renthal 49t sprocket Waiting on a few look good items.