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  1. like the title says : Whats a good oil to use and when should I changed it when riding 50/50 ? tried searching but it only ends up in flame posts etc........
  2. westerncan

    DRZ Speeds - list yours

    Stock gearing drz 400s all stock max speed 155 km Rejet, 3x3, 14 44 gears, slip on pipe, max speed 135 km How could I lose 20 kph ? ?
  3. Hi, I am at 2500 ft and going to do the 3x3 mod on a drz 4oo s . What setings should I use for Dynojet stage 1, , 80 degrees outside, white bros slip on muffler at 2500 ft ? thanks
  4. westerncan

    Fork boots twisted?

    Yeah mine look just like genbuds78 and i'm pretty sure the fork boot clamps are tight . I was riding in lots of mud today also, maybe its from the mud on the tires rubbing the boots . Cheers
  5. westerncan

    Fork boots twisted?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows why after riding today "woods, trails etc " my fork boots are all twister up ? It looks like they some how spun around once and look twisted ? It's the first ride this season in over 5 months . Ive had the bike for 3 years now and its the first time I have seen this . Is it possible my forks are messed up ? ? Cheers
  6. westerncan

    DRZ 400S should I or shouldn't I

    $3000 is way too much for 4000 km drz. Canadians always seem to sell things for way to much money and it does irk me quite a bit "im canadian also" I wouldnt give him more than $1000 for it but thats just me . Just Keep looking around you gotta get a better deal than that...
  7. westerncan

    Yosh slipon, but can't get the header seperately

    I have stock S header with a slip on . Will the fmf powerbomb header fit an S model White bros E2 slip on with out modification? Will gains be sen or wouls stock s header be the same ?
  8. westerncan

    Kintec Fuel Screw

    Use the stock spring for the keintech fuel screw. If you are worried about it vibrating out just stretch "in the middle of spring" the fuel screw spring about 1 mm or so and forget it. Thats what i've done and she nice and tight at 2.75 turns on the kientech screw. Cheers:thumbsup:
  9. westerncan

    jetting for 2200 ft drz s

    What elevation do you ride at and did the 145 mainjet seem better than the 142.5 ?
  10. westerncan

    jetting for 2200 ft drz s

    Did the bike improve when you put in the 145 mainjet ? Cheers
  11. westerncan

    jetting for 2200 ft drz s

    I'm at 2200 ft . I did the 3x3 with 150 mj, dj needle clip 4 , dj spring, 2.75 keintch FS. Bike ran ok except at WOT, really rich condition at Wot. I took of side panel and bike ran AWESOME, all RPMs were way better. I will try the 145 mainjet next and the stock 142.5 . Cheers
  12. Why do the newer bikes need bigger mains with dynojet stage 1 ?
  13. westerncan

    Jetting info , please

    Hi, How does the bike run is it much better than stock with that set up ?
  14. westerncan

    jetting for 2200 ft drz s

    Ok, better just leave the 3x3 and not mess things up , thanks I'll check out the dynographs. Cheers
  15. westerncan

    jetting for 2200 ft drz s

    Yeah I think i'll try the 145 or stock 142.5. Im at 2300 ft altitude, does anyone have the dyno sheets for the 3x3 mod with dynojet stage 1 for the s Model ? Im just wondering if I could lean it out by cutting more of the airbox or will that mess up the jetting from the pilot to clip to mainjet ? Thanks