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  1. jerryp48

    1450 ML goes in, 800 ML comes out.

    I tapped the original cover and it held but I replaced it with a new stock clutch cover just to be safe (I'm anal that way). The stock clutch cover is made of such soft aluminum that I'm worried about eventually stripping it again so thats why I havn't pulled it. But it looks like I'm going to have to so I know that the oil is topped off. Anyways I guess it must be normal to lose a certain amount of oil but I think I'm losing too much. Jerry
  2. jerryp48

    1450 ML goes in, 800 ML comes out.

    I don't pull the check bolt any more after having to replace my clutch cover from striping the last one. Jerry
  3. jerryp48

    1450 ML goes in, 800 ML comes out.

    I change my oil on about every 3 - 4 rides. I put 1450 ML in but only 800 ML comes out. Do I have a problem? Jerry
  4. jerryp48

    STM Polymer Clutch Cover

    I stopped by the local dealer and checked the catalog on the polymer cover. It specifically says "Not for off-road use." Ironic that they sell it for use on an RMZ. Jerry
  5. jerryp48

    Fastway pegs for the RMZ450

    Yeah, I just got mine yesterday and the instruction sheet said to use the "100" collars with the RMZ but they sent me the "000" collars. I tried it with the "000" collars and they worked fine. Given that your "100" collars didn't work my guess is that the instructions are wrong. Jerry
  6. jerryp48

    STM Polymer Clutch Cover

    What are your thoughts one this clutch cover? The oem cover sucks. It took one oil change to strip the treads in the cover. If anyone has a good suggestion for a quality aftermarket cover preferably with a site glass that would be great. Jerry
  7. jerryp48

    RMZ450 Question

    I'm in the same category, I'm 6' 4" and 280 lb. I bought a 6.1 kgf/mm rear spring from Factory Connection and 0.50 kgf/mm fork springs. I've changed both the fork springs and rear spring and adjusted the sag to 106 mm. I used about 370 ml of 5 weight fork oil. Beyond doing that should I use factory rebound and compression damping settings? What else should I do? If there is anyone out there with similar weight and height, what have you found to be ideal? Jerry