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  1. e_scourboutis

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    After 3 years of intensive parenting I am back on the saddle. Had almost forgotten how good this bike feels.
  2. e_scourboutis

    Custom chopped, recycled and repurposed Tracker build by soolio

    Tank with the chopped up radiator scoops looks excellent now! Well done, I didn't expect it to look that good! Almost as if it was designed like this from the factory.
  3. e_scourboutis

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    As usual pic from Mount Hymettus overlooking [part of] a winter Athens.
  4. e_scourboutis

    Concern about msr shift lever.

    Pic of the mod? Not sure what you are describing but it sounds cool!
  5. e_scourboutis

    Custom chopped, recycled and repurposed Tracker build by soolio

    Very interesting build! I really like the headlight. Chop the radiator scoops to just cover the voids left on the tank and put them on to give the impression that the tank is complete. It is missining something now imo.
  6. Syanur, have you checked your steering stem bearings and that the steering stem is properly torqued and without any play? Swing arm bearings? Wheel bearings?
  7. e_scourboutis

    Post up a pic of your former bikes

    From one cult dirtbike to another, my previous ride. Loved it, loved it, loved it, it is still haunting my dreams. If the DRZ is hard as nails compared to the competition this was hard as diamond. And way better in awfull, technical stuff, almost like cheating. 1996 XR250R, bone stock, bought it in 2007 with god knows how many urban commuter miles, never missed a beat and served dutifully all my repressed needs resulting from a 15 year abstention from motorbikes.
  8. e_scourboutis

    drz 400 hill climbing thread

    Not an extreme incline, however a rather technical ascent. A very loose and dry mixture of dirt and rocks, dotted with rocky steps. The two strokes of the group would dig themselves while the DRZ would happily tractor it's way up even from a standstill. In general I believe that the DRZ is a rather impressive hill climber thanks to the wonderfull motor. It can purr on low revs just as well as rip when necessary. Great thread!!!
  9. e_scourboutis

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Yes, very good times indeed, especially since I hadn't ventured out there during the last 5 months or so! By the way this is Mount Hymettus, right next to Athens, no more than 30 minutes from everybody's urban dwelling. Well, I chose my riding buddies carefully, they all have to be slower than me! It is safer for me and at the end of the day I allways feel my ego has been massaged and not battered. I had posted the definitive DRZ-out-front-and-leading-the-way picture a couple of years back, here it is. Well it looks like I am either getting slower or that they are getting faster. This is Mount Parnitha actually, much bigger, greener and smoother.
  10. e_scourboutis

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Oops, forgot, I actually have a nice pic of the DRZ with a nice background. Riding buddies in the mist.
  11. e_scourboutis

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

  12. e_scourboutis

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Well, this is more of a DRZ-pic-with-the-best-foreground-landscape kind of picture, but what the heck, I like it and it is testament of the old girl's return to action after round about five months of getting soft in the garage.
  13. Excellent work mate! I had come accross your Youtube channel before, it is great to see you are a fellow TT'er however. The "Ride slow if you want to ride fast" is probably the most influential and inspirational motto I 've come accross in ages. Keep up the good work! PS. I love your voice over. The content is great, it is well rehearsed and I find your Australian drone very calming!
  14. e_scourboutis

    Will RM 250 Forks Guards fit on a 2001 Suzuki DRZ 400E?

    1996-98 RM 125/250 featured a conventional 49 mm fork very similar to the DRZ fork in design, other than being a closed cartridge design. The fork protectors, which are integrated into the numberplate will probably fit with a little work. The fork protector sliders would probably require the most tweaking as there are grooves in the RM fork for mounting. I would experiment with cutting the upper portion of the numberplate, or simply mount a headlight in front of it. It also comes in black. Might even use some socks on the forks too to keep mud away.
  15. e_scourboutis

    DR-Z400 P3 Composites Bi-Weave Color Carbon Fiber Skid Plates

    Nice move! Three questions: 1. How much wll it cost? 2. How much weight will it save compared to an aluminium bash plate? 3. Black means all black?