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  1. ty21-

    My Enduro video CHILE

    first song is Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood and nice vid
  2. ty21-


    i rarly ride on the road but i couldnt resist doing one its the only good strait away ya know?
  3. ty21-


    http://videos.streetfire.net/search/crf250/0/8d7891c0-7b9d-4582-8b79-988c0181aa85.htm After a day of ridein with the fellas i pulled some wheelies up and down the road.
  4. ty21-

    Oh my god

    going with cow nice choice i had a cow seat on my old bike turns brown fast tho
  5. ty21-

    How common is Z400 frame cracking?

    i had an 03 z400 for 3 years never had any problems with the frame cracking it was a nice quad for the woods
  6. ty21-

    What type of bike is this??

    its probably a 250x looks like the 300ex its a good starter quad not the fastest but good http://www.atving.com/editor/feature/atvhistory/images/87250xb.jpg
  7. ty21-


    smaller like 8" rim and 18" tire on the rear id recommend some kenda klaws those are very nice tires at a good price have better wear then holeshots and razr imo
  8. ty21-


    i downloaded revelation 199 nitro circus 1,2 and 3 all from limewire
  9. ty21-

    Motoland big air 5-7-6

    nice pics
  10. ty21-

    CT Sand pit pictures

    is that in north haven behind fedex?