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  1. Gentlemen, Upon purchasing my bike in 2013, I immediately changed my stock gearing (14/45) to a 13/48. For the simple type of open desert riding I do, it works fine and the bike climbs like a goat. My concern is that I can easily be in 6th gear at 45mph. I do have a top speed of 80ish, but the engine is screaming and it takes a while to get there. I really have no intention of ever riding over 60mph at any time...lol, however, we'll be doing a 400 mile run from the Santa Clarita Valley to Laughlin, NV, next month and I'd like to go with a little taller gear as we'll be on some long open dirt roads where speed will be increased. I've been told a 14/47, 14/48 or 14/49 will give me a little more top end with less stress on the motor and trans. I simply want one bump taller. Any suggestions or experiences of your own? Anyone using something that you believe would be for what I described? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Jason
  2. That's awesome to hear Palada!!! I'm glad everything worked out and you got your case back. I agree with 54321 in regards to leaving the property where it lay, however, it was only a half mile from Borax Bills in a heavily traveled area so we grabbed it (we roll with GPS and would have back tracked looking for it too). Well it was a great day riding with my son, and a great lesson for him to see the rewards of doing the right thing. Not to mention how cool social media, TT and motorcycle forums network with friendly info. I know a lot of knotheads out there would have had that bad boy on ebay before the day was over....lol. Anyway, glad everything worked out. We're looking for our next run out there on president's weekend... Jas
  3. Gentlemen, I hope I'm in the correct forum.... My son and I were riding in Cal City on December 21, 2014 and came across a black BWM hard case. We heard a group of guys on the big bikes tore through there earlier in the morning. We turned the case in to the local California City cops located at their sub-station which is located at Borax Bills off of 20 Mule Road. We were up there for New Years and stopped by Borax Bills to see if anyone claimed the case. They said no. So, heads up to anyone who knows of anyone who lost a hard case. I'm sure if you can identify the contents, they'll let you have the case. We don't see a lot of big bikes up there like those... Thanks, J. Schreiner (818) 438-0568
  4. Jason21

    Upcoming poker runs...?

    Thanks Beaver eater....I appreciate the info.
  5. Anyone know of any upcoming poker runs in the high desert area of southern Cal? We primarily ride in Cal City, Dove Springs, Jawbone, Red Mountain, Spangler area. I heard there was an upcoming ride in Cal City, however, nobody seems to know a website or point of contact to confirm the info. Any info would be greatly appreciated... Thx... Jason
  6. Anyone know of any upcoming Poker Runs in Souther Cal my son and I can participate.... I heard we just missed one up in Cal City. Any info or direction as to where I can obtain info on upcoming Poker Runs would be greatly apprecitated.... Thank You... Jas
  7. Is Kawi ever going to make a kx-125 again or are they done forever? Our last Kx-65 and current Kx-85 have been very good to us. My boy will be heading to a 125 within the next 12-15 months. I would like to stay with what we know and are familiar with. Correct me if I'm wrong but the only 2 companies left building the 2 stroke 125's are KTM and Yamaha. What do you guys think? Jas
  8. Jason21

    Need help removing float bowl screws...

    These guys are correct. But..... one time I came across float bowl screws that had to have been set with an impact wrench because they WERE NOT COMING OUT without a fight. So, when all else fails, a sharp chisel and hammer will do the trick. Lightly tap the chisel's sharp end into the head of the screw until you create a notch. Then lean the chisel at an angle while with the sharp end in the grove. Tap the end of the chisel with the hammer until it breaks loose.
  9. You are right. 10K is a shit load of money and you are feeling the same thing as we did when you bought the bike (knots in your stomach). You did the right thing by pulling the trigger and purchasing the 350. I bought a 350 a few months back myself. Here's what I found after a few rides, some research and luckily finding the right guy who knew all about dialing in the new fuel injected bikes. First, I took the bike to "Jet Tuning" in Camarillo, Ca. They have extensive knowledge and background on fuel injected bikes. They explained my bike was a bit bogged down due to the typical emission stuff on the bike due to it being a plated bike. They dialed me in with a ECU modification, a power commander for the air/fuel mixture, new custom maps, and an FMF Q4. Dyno said the bike went from 36HP to 41HP. I primarily ride open desert and actually like the tall gearing. The only mandatory modification that was necessary was having them replace the shock with one that would support my fat ass of 200 lbs + gear and tool belt. According to owners manual, bike is set up to carry a rider of max weight of 185. But overall, it's a great bike. Coming off back surgery, the lighter bike and push button start freaken rule.
  10. Jason21

    California Poker runs?

    Where can I find a schedule or source of information for poker runs in southern California? We primarily ride in the Mojave Desert (Cal City, Dove Springs, Jawbone, Red Mountain, etc). Any info would be greatly appreciated. Jas
  11. Jason21

    TTR 90 Carb issues

    had a similiar issue with my daughters ttr-50. Crusher is right. the pilot jet VERY small and most likely clogged. a single strand of frayed brake cable or a quitar string will poke through the jet. the stock pilot jet on our ttr-50 was size 12.5 (the main was a 62.5). I'd bet the ttr-90 has the same sizes...... I pulled the stock air box off and put a little uni air filter on the back of the carb and also put an FMF pipe (power core 4) on the bike. it ran and was breathing a much better but the carb would still clog easy. i experimented with the jets and put a size 15 on the pilot and a 65 on the main ( jets sizes increase in 2.5 size increments). It made a 100% difference for the better. the bike runs like a top and has never clogged even after sitting for extended periods of time. try it, it really works! My local dealer didn't have the jets so I orered the jets from Makuni parts house (some where in souther california). good luck....
  12. Jason21

    KX65 "dragging" when hitting the powerband (I'm a noob)

    Broken spoke is right. the bike is 8 years old and probably in need of a good tune up. which for that bike can be as simple as fresh gas and a new plug. I would clean your carb and jets real good too. I recently had something similiar happen to my son's KX-65. Beleiving I had a clogged jet. I tore the carb apart several times cleaning jets. No, improvement. I started moving the needle to leaner/richer etc. No help. The wierd thing is the bike would take off strong for 75 yards, then bog down. I finally figured it out when I took the muffler off and broke it open. The packing was madded and saturated with oil. We had been at a 32:1 mix, but are now using 40:1. Pull the muffler off and take it for a quick spin. you'll know right away if that's the problem. And of course you're talking about a 2 stroke. how many hours are on the motor? When was the top end done last? On this bike you should do it once a year or about every 50 hrs. Wisco sells the top end kid for $110 bucks. good luck
  13. Jason21

    Any problems with the '06 KX 65?

    The 110 and 65 are night and day difference. The 110 is a fun bike to ride and bullet proof. The 65 is very fast with a hard hitting power band and much better suspension. And as i'm learing with the help of the expert dads here on TT, you'll have to do the top end on the bike about every 50 hours (about $110). My son started riding the bike at 8. He was a bit short for the bike, so I put some Devol lowering links on the bike and cranked the suspension down. A year has past and the bike is back to almost stock seat level since my kid is growing like a weed. I think you'll be surprised on how much better his riding ability becomes on the 65.
  14. Jason21

    KX-65 top end

    Thank you for your help and input.
  15. Jason21

    KX-65 top end

    We have an 06 KX-65. I put a new top on the bike last year with an hour meter. The bike has 44 hours on it and it's still running strong. I've heard different theories for maintenance. Some say replace "only" the rings at 25 hours and then both the piston and rings and 50 hours. Others have told me don't fix it until it's broken (i.e. don't mess with it at all until you notice it's not running right). Also, I used a Wisco kit when I did the top end. I've been told to stick with OEM parts as they are made of softer metal and are more giving (less wear on the sleeve's wall. Does anyone agree/disagree? Any input or suggestion would be greatly appreciated... Jas