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  1. And I just doscovered it today too... my bike has 250 miles and is just loosening up. But that damn rattle makes it sound like it is getting ready to self destruct! I plan to go over it pretty close tomorrow then try it out again. Rick
  2. Rick In Austin

    400S Bar end weights & guards

    Have had my bike now just 2 weeks and it suits me perfectly! Been riding for about 30 years on a variety of bikes but this is a keeper. Couple questions though.. What is the purpose of the end weights? On road bikes they are to increase the resonance frequency to minimize head shake right? I need hand guards so am curious what they are really for on this bike before they get thrown in the "removed parts box" Any suggestions ion what are the best and trickest handguards? Since the bike was so economical am not really on a budget. Thanks greatly
  3. I am planning to street legal a CRF450X and was wondering if you guys have any opinions on that.