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  1. that sure would be expensive to have a rock crack through a pair of those. nice idea though.
  2. cbrwsrf4i

    1/1 weight loss challenge

    started at 207, down to 202 so far.
  3. cbrwsrf4i

    Why Radiator guards??

    it doesnt have to be a hard tumble. just dropping it at low speed at just the right spot can make it bend and mess up the inlet/outlet tubes. they are worth the money just for peace of mind.
  4. cbrwsrf4i

    1/1 weight loss challenge

    Im gonna try this to start: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=213659&highlight=workout+recommendations
  5. cbrwsrf4i

    1/1 weight loss challenge

    Name : Craig Age: 27 Weight: 207 Goal : 185
  6. huntington beach honda is having good deals on new 08s OTD
  7. cbrwsrf4i

    Engine Removal Procedure?

    oh yeah i also had someone holding the frame while i took out the engine. maybe that made it easier if the frame was being tilted also. you could try it. i just know that sliding it back in took no effort. kinda sucks that way
  8. cbrwsrf4i

    Engine Removal Procedure?

    i just did mine and i found it was easier if i removed the kick starter arm and the shifter and the clutch cable bracket from the engine. i also had the carb off and everything else off. it was easier to remove it going out the left side kind of tilted and angled. but putting it back in was easier to do on the right side of the frame. hope this helps. you have to really angle the engine forward and twist. going in is easier than coming out.
  9. cbrwsrf4i

    CR 250 X throttle stall at all RPMs

    drain the old gas yourself so you know its been done. drain the carb also just to make sure. do all the CCC (closed course competition) mods and the AP o-ring mod on the carb and rejet the thing and it should run like a bat out of hell. they are all simple do it yourself mods. you can search for how to do them in the 250x forum. theres a bunch of threads with pictures and examples. as far as with honda selling the bikes like this i know that when i bought my bike (in california so i got the lame smog pump and crap) that it would not even idle in my driveway. i had to do all those mods just to get it to idle, not even for a performance enhancement. give it a shot.
  10. race the Harvey Mushman race in the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix.
  11. cbrwsrf4i

    Rotator cuff surgery, question for Dr Mark

    i fractured my shoulder, ripped the bicep off the bone and torn the front labrim all on the left side. i had surgery on 10/20 and am pretty good with range now. i started therapy after 2 weeks. i have very limited strength but the range of motion is getting better. 6 month until i can sling a leg over a bike again but at least no more worries of dislocations
  12. cbrwsrf4i

    Under $200 Boots

    dont go budget on boots. its the worst feeling to be nagged by your feet while riding. just pony up the cash and get tech 8s and you wont have to buy new boots for a long long time and it will prove to be more cost effective in the long run. plus you dont have to worry about your feet hurting while you ripping down a trail.
  13. cbrwsrf4i

    need help picking year crf250X

    i also have an 06 and have never had problems. i wouldnt get rid of that bike for anything. just do the routine mait. and it will run forever.
  14. cbrwsrf4i

    Destroyed shoulder..., need to sell, but how?

    keep the bike for when youre done rehabing. i had surgery in october for a fractured left shoulder and i also ripped the bicep off the bone. ive only been out for two months but i can already lift and have 90% range on motion. my therapist said i can get back on the bike in april. why sell what youve already got just to get back on in less than a year and start the whole buying/modifying process all over again?