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  1. kipper125

    Great day riding until ...

    It has actually been made illegal to ride on any private property in Riverside County period.
  2. kipper125

    Bubba's Whip Has Been Put to Shame.

    Renner ranks up there with the upside down whip. Check out the Great Ride Open on Fuel TV. Renner throws down some awsome whips.
  3. kipper125

    If you do not understand why REED = 6th

    It's possible that being docked the time works in CR's favor. Had he been docked a lap, he would have lost a lot more positions based on the scoring. All I can say is that I was laughing my a$$ off when his bike blew so close to the finish.
  4. kipper125

    What to buy for upgrade

    I currently have on 03' CRF450R that I bought new in 03'. I have been thinking about selling it and buying a newer one. I am not really interested in buying another brand new bike, rather I would prefer to pick up an 06' or 07'. It seems like there are a lot of them in the 4-5k range with a variety of upgrades already done. Which would be better the 06 or 07 and what are the must have parts in your mind? I am a 6' 205lb rider that mostly rides the tracks (elsinore, milestone and perris) but occasionally do some desert races and Glamis trips.
  5. kipper125

    Bubbles no racey

    I am in no way a JS fan. I do, however, dislike CR. JS was a second a lap faster in Phoenix and made up a ton of ground on him at A1 before running out of time. CR is faster this year but I still don't think he will ever be as fast as JS. He is a smarter rider and that's why he will continue to win races.
  6. kipper125

    Define what is "wreckless"

    So what do you call Reed's move at the U.S Open at the start when he took out Ferry? That was just plain stupid. JS dumbest move was riding right back on the track right in front of everyone without looking after crashing. Landing on RC was pretty stupid to. The speed at the outdoor races can really magnify every little mistake.
  7. kipper125

    Bubbles no racey

    Before you call JS wreckless, look at Reed. That guy bombed into the first corner at the U.S. Open when he knew he didn't have the holeshot and he took out Ferry. It's one thing to bump while you are racing but being flat out wreckless is something else and Ferry was right to be pissed. JS crashes because that is what it takes to be that fast. You have to be on the ragged edge. He could take a little off his speed, be more consistant and still beat Reed but that isn't how he rides. He should if he wants to win some titles... Reed has picked up some speed on the off season and it is clear that he wants the title like never before but I still don't think he has the speed to run with a healthy JS.
  8. kipper125

    Nitro Circus

    Yeah, Streetbike Tommy isn't the brightest bulb. The whole twice as fast thing is hilarious. He kept telling everyone he can do everything on a streetbike that they could do on a dirtbike except "twice as fast". So everytime he does something stupid... They give him some crap. The Sllip and Die bit is funny as hell too. If you are watching some of those shows on satalite, try to catch The Great Ride Open and the Red Bull Ride to the Hills. Those shows have some of the best natural terrain riding I have seen.
  9. kipper125

    what do big people ride

    How big you talk'n? I'm 5'11" 210lb and ride a CRF450. It gets me around.
  10. kipper125

    sliding out around corners

    No, I am saying to add rebound. Your spring is too stiff for your weight so when you get set for a corner, sliding up on the tank and getting on the brakes, the suspension compresses. As you transition from being on the brakes to off the brakes, the heavy spring is going to cause the suspension to "unload" thus becoming light when you are trying to accelerate. With the rebound all the way out, it isn't going to slow down the shock when the spring starts to unload. Adding rebound will help keep the shock compressed and the suspension settled.
  11. kipper125

    Need help with technique.

    I was at Elsinore on Friday and all the tracks were pretty dry and blue grooved. Especially the Vet and race track. Like CJX said, you have to keep the bike in gear to maintain tracksion and have the ability to steer through the turn.
  12. kipper125

    sliding out around corners

    I would second the tire pressure check. In addition, if you are on the 250 2 stroke, use the clutch to help smooth out the throttle roll on. If you get the sag and everything set up you can also try adding some rebound damping to the rear shock. It will help keep the rear end from unloading as you exit the apex of the turn, especially with your weight. The key is going to be getting the suspension to settle upon entry/ under the braking and stay that way through the turn.
  13. kipper125

    Stewart crash?

    Was that the 06 season or the 07 season?
  14. kipper125

    Stewart crash?

    Does anyone have the video of stewarts crash when his bike seized during a motocross race. I can't find it anywhere and I don't remember which race it was.
  15. kipper125

    Chad Reed SX Only Dumb Or Dumber?

    That's all well and good, but I think he is a tool for not getting in on the motocross series. Then I see him in the U.S. open race and he is like a bull in a china closet into turn 1 in the final. He took out half of the top contenders when he clearlly got holeshoted.