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  1. i went from my yz80 and then i raced my dads yz250 for 2 races and found out it was a big mistake. I wasnt big enough to handle it the way i needed to. Then i got a 125 and beat the crap out of that until i got my 250f this year
  2. WideOpenMx85

    Villipoto VERY Cocky!

    ya he didnt just stand on his bike....he stood on his bike and pulled his bike over and locked his handlebars in his wheel...what a panzee
  3. WideOpenMx85

    Any good 2-stroke websites like this one??

    pingertalk and mx.com has tons of guys that still love 2 strokes
  4. WideOpenMx85

    Info on Building a MX Track

    you could look on the dirt wurx website
  5. WideOpenMx85

    Villipoto VERY Cocky!

    haha ya i know.....flashback....didnt alessi say a couple years ago he was going to podium in the 250 class before he even raced....if thats not cocky idk what is
  6. WideOpenMx85


    you are gonna have a hard time getting them that cheap ebay is always good tho
  7. WideOpenMx85

    Villipoto VERY Cocky!

    ya because Alessi is a great role model for not being cocky right?
  8. WideOpenMx85

    Villipoto VERY Cocky!

    i dont think he is cocky at all
  9. WideOpenMx85

    Wobbly Spokes

    you will need to buy a spoke wrench....go to your local shop and buy one or order one off of the internet. Having loose spokes can make your wheel collapse.
  10. WideOpenMx85

    What 06 250cc thumper to buy?

    get the honda....its been the best since it came out in 04
  11. WideOpenMx85

    please help!!

    ok last night during the first moto there was a huge pile up that i was involoved in through the whoops and my bike was upside down...then today i seen there was some dirt on my swing arm but then when i started to wipe it off there was oil all over in it. Is there some kind of overflow for when those bikes go upside down?? I also noticed that there was oil in my crankcase breather tube...i pulled the cap and drained all of that out. Then i checked my engine oil level and it was a little low so i filled it back up to where it should be. Is my bike ok?? Do i need to drain anything else?? Do they always lose some oil when they get completely upside down?? (the bike is an 06 crf250r)
  12. WideOpenMx85

    Ricky's Crash

    ya i think he hit the boat a little bit
  13. WideOpenMx85

    break in

    ok thanks guys....i just didnt want to hurt it after all the money that i spent on it
  14. WideOpenMx85

    break in

    i have ridden my crf for about 2 to 2.5 hours now.....is it ready to ride at race pace yet. I just dont want to hurt it if its not broken in completely yet....is it broken in now and if its not how much longer?? thanks
  15. WideOpenMx85

    Low maintenance 125

    ya ik its ridiculous but some people do it that often. I have heard that a good rule of thumb is to get the VALVES checked every 15 hours....not the whole top end. Some guys are just rich though and dont care how much it costs.