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  1. wiredpenguin

    Just installed a super light weight battery (PICS)...

    You may want to have a look at the Super-B lithium-ion battery. The super B: • weighs less: as much as 80% weight saving; <450 grams; • is much smaller: 1/3 or less of the space; L114mm x B35mm x H81.25mm; • has a longer service life: more than 5 years instead of 2 to 3 years; • recharges many times faster: 45 to 60 minutes instead of 7 to 15 hours; • has a low self-discharge rate. Can supply up to 120 Amps of peak current for 10 seconds, or 70 Amps continuously. http://www.super-b.com/superb/Home.html http://www.gybe.eu/?peyd=5 Thread about a DRZ400 with Super-B battery: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=456858&page=2
  2. wiredpenguin

    Do you like music while riding?

    It should work fine with your phone. I've had no problems using the bluetooth adapter with my Motorola Q. The adapter I use is made by Jabra, but I'm sure they make better stuff now days....my setup is a couple years old now.
  3. wiredpenguin

    Do you like music while riding?

    I listen to XM Satellite Radio via bluetooth adapter....170+ Channels (Its like cable TV for your ears!)
  4. wiredpenguin

    gorilla 2-way paging system alarm? good/ bad?

    There are dozens companies selling "motorcycle Jumper Cables" they are identical to the cables made by battery tender. I've owned the other brands, but I prefer battery tenders setup. I doubt there would be a problem if you jumper off another bike. The alligator clips are for jumping off of other bikes. For jumping off of a car it uses a cigarette adapter (12V 7.5A ATC Fuse) with a 2 pin SAE plug that fits in the battery tender ring terminal harness. The cable shown below plugs into pig tail on bike and the opposite end goes in the car cigarette lighter. (Less chance of a melt down) 25' Battery extension cable (Battery tender brand): Ring terminal harness (Battery tender cable fused with SAE 2 PIN Plug connects permanently to bike): UP-Start http://www.upstart-inc.com/ Bitty Booster http://www.cyclegadgets.com/Products/product.asp?Item=BBOOST
  5. wiredpenguin

    cold + rain in southern cali :(

    I wish we had your cold rain. 55 degrees sounds nice right now. The high temp in Seattle will be 35 degrees and snow...It looks like California now has typical Seattle winter weather. Rain and 55 degrees you can still ride in that...this snow sucks!).
  6. wiredpenguin

    gorilla 2-way paging system alarm? good/ bad?

    Correct..the alarm will drain down your battery if don't ride your bike every couple weeks. I think it took 6 weeks to drain the bike down low enough to not start. Its not a big issue if you remember to go out and fire it up once every couple weeks. To prevent the problem I wired the bike with a quick connect plug in for my battery tender. So when I get home I just plug it in. I also carry Battery tenders quick connect jumper cables if things go wrong (I've never had an issue yet):
  7. wiredpenguin

    gorilla 2-way paging system alarm? good/ bad?

    The alarm comes with a "universal wiring kit" so you don't have to cut into the stock wiring. The connection is made via a camp type connector that simply pokes a hole the the wire shielding to make contact. I guess you could call it a "vampire type connector". Then you plug in the alarm and sensor and your good to go. The proximity sensor is very sensitive. Initially I couldn't walk within 15 feet of the bike without setting off the alarm. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable so you can tune it down to a level were people can get out of their cars without without setting the alarm off. The wireless pager gives an audible alarm or you can set it to vibrate. If someone lurks too long in front of your bike it will let you know about it. The pager even works on the 3rd floor of my office building (concrete/steel construction)... also works in the elevator!
  8. wiredpenguin

    gorilla 2-way paging system alarm? good/ bad?

    Don't have a Gorilla alarm, but I can say that the Scorpio Alarm works great. It fits fine on my DRZ. It has a pager with a 1/2 mile range. Works great inside buildings too. http://www.scorpioalarms.com/products/motorcycle/sr-i500_trs6/
  9. wiredpenguin

    2008 and newer Yamaha xt250 discussion thread.

    I want a backup just in case the battery goes dead and I'm in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes you ride the bike into an area were it is absolutely impossible to push start. (Example: At the bottom of a rocky canyon and Its just too steep and rough to push the bike.) I don't like the idea of walking 50 miles to get help. A kick starter can save you a ton of trouble...its worth the added weight.
  10. wiredpenguin

    2008 and newer Yamaha xt250 discussion thread.

    Does Yamaha make a kit start kit for the XT250? I know they made a kit for the XT225.
  11. wiredpenguin

    XT250 rack and side bags (share your pics)

    If you want to check up on the status of the racks contact Jason Ward at Happy Trails....he was the guy that was in charge of design/build of the XT250 racks. jason.ward@happy-trail.com Ph.# 208-377-8771 Toll.# 800-444-8770 Fax.# 208-377-8772
  12. wiredpenguin

    What will your next bike be and why?

    KTM 690R 62 HP with zero mods! The cost of making a DRZ a 60 HP monster just isn't worth it in the long run. The gas mileage is so much better too (55 MPG with 62 HP) By the time you make all the mods to the DRZ to get 60HP you'll be getting 35 MPG if your lucky. Fuel Injection just gets way better fuel economy and still pumps out the power. The only thing I'm concerned with is will it be as reliable as a DRZ?? time will tell. If it proves to be a reliable bike I'll park one next to the DRZ. I'll still keep the DRZ until its dead. YouTube KTM 690R....have no clue what they are saying, but the video is cool
  13. wiredpenguin

    Cold Weather Gear, Suggestions?

    Check out British Motorcycle Gear's Jackets/Pants They will keep you too warm most of the time. I bought the "Discovery Jacket" and I've never even used the cold weather liner. The jacket is too warm for temps above 75 degrees...you'll roast in it most of the time, but when its cold and pouring down rain you'll be glad you bought it. My only complaint about the jacket is its just too warm during the summer. BMG Discovery Jacket http://www.britishmotorcyclegear.com/discovery-jacket.asp Decent Review at Motorcyclist: http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/escape/goodsnservices/123_0444_motorcycle_touring_jackets/index.html Note the company used to be called Belstaff its now known as BMG
  14. wiredpenguin

    XT250 rack and side bags (share your pics)

    A few months ago I contacted Happy Trails and they said they were looking for a bike to build off of. Their plan was to have something available by December. I own a set of their SU racks for my DRZ and they are amazingly strong. They cost about $238.00 (worth every penny) and you can attach any panniers you like to them. As soon as Happy Trails makes some side racks I'll buy my wife an XT250 to go with them. DRZ shown below the racks the XT250 racks will probably look similar:
  15. wiredpenguin

    DRZ400 racks and bags?

    +1 on the HT Panniers...The panniers carry the weight so low on the bike you don't even notice they are there. I'm amazed how much stuff you can cram into them and still maintain a low center of gravity for trail riding. The pannier lids have footman loops so you can strap tents or other gear to the outside. On single track trails you do have to be aware of the width when squeezing between trees. Its easy to forget they are even there until its too late and you bounce off of a tree.