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  1. I cracked the case on my 06 tc450 the third time I rode it. All it takes on these motors is 1 good kickback and the case is toast. You cant touch the throttle when your starting these motors.
  2. DirtKurt

    1986 Xr80r

    Good choice on a bike, Probably the most bulletproof bike built!
  3. DirtKurt

    New to me, 2006 Husky 450TC

    Hey guys, I called hall's today to see if they would know what I needed. The had no clue. Does anyone know what the part # is for the 07 auto decompression setup? Thanks for any help, Kurt
  4. DirtKurt

    New to me, 2006 Husky 450TC

    Dave, that is the type of info I was looking for! I wasnt aware this bike even had an auto decomp release, I'll update to the 07 auto decomp release because at this point it looks like im taking out the motor anyways. I assume the guys at halls will know what I need?
  5. DirtKurt

    New to me, 2006 Husky 450TC

    So im now in the process of getting parts, which are backordered. JJM525 please let me know what you have left off of your bike I really need parts, Thanks, Kurt
  6. DirtKurt

    New to me, 2006 Husky 450TC

    Hey guys, So I got the bike! It is immaculate condition and the forks and shock have been valved by p2r. Now for the bad. I took it out riding the afternoon I got it and it was amazing, everything went well. The next day I took my brother out so he could try it. So hes riding it around having fun, then stalls it. He couldnt start it so I went to help him, 2 kicks with the decomp lever and then a good kick and BANG. It kicked back on me like I've never seen. I instantly knew something was wrong, looked down and theres a nice crack through the right side clutch case. I was about ready to cry.
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to Husqvarna and to big bikes in general. I've been racing pitbikes for the past few years, and haven't owned a "normal" bike since my KX85 when I was 13. But on to the new bike, I'm picking it up tomorrow. Its a low hour 06 TC450. So what should I expect. I've been researching everything I can for the past few days. I will not be racing this bike, trail and track for fun only. I this a good bike, reliable, fast, etc. Anything at all will be helpful. Thanks, Kurt
  8. five0addict you are incorrect about a rear spacer a simple piece of pvc will add preload and the spring wont fall off as long as you put the spacer around the bottom of the shock.
  9. DirtKurt

    xr50 BBr shock oil capacity

    Theres a really good video on the bbr website that shows you how to rebuild the sp-5's. I'll try to find the link for you. Definately dont pay anyone to do it though its a super easy job once you watch the video.
  10. DirtKurt

    Ebay Motor

    The lifan 125 is a great motor, except for the 1 down 3 up tranny which tends to hit false neutrals. The best bang for the buck by far is a gpx 125. IT will hang with a KX65 and will beat almost any honda engine with less than $1000 into it. I had mine for about 1 month now and am more and more impressed every time I ride it. This motor does not even compare to a tb88 its right next to a tb108 or 117. If you would like more usefull feedback on what you should get you might want to check out planetminis.com You should get more then useless DONT BUY THIS replies over there.
  11. DirtKurt

    xr70 fork oil capacity

    I believe 3.7 ounces per side, but i could be wrong
  12. Hey all, I am considering selling my CRF70 motor. It is from a 2004, it has a trailbikes 88cc big bore kit, which inludes 20mm carb filter etc. The motor has roughly 5 tanks of gas through it since the rebuild. It runs perfectly and does not burn any oil or smoke. Clutch is stock but is not worn out. Basically what I want to know is what I could expect to get for a motor like this and if there is any demand since I really have no idea. Thanks for any help.
  13. DirtKurt

    Testing the water

    Moved to CRF 50/70 forum, mods please delete. sorry
  14. DirtKurt

    How to detune a CRF150R for wife/woods

    All good ideas but do NOT run lower octane fuel, that is asking for detonation.