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  1. Mine is street legal with over 1,500 miles on it. No problems at all. Could use a larger front sporcket and/or a smaller rear though.
  2. Drain it and put in a fresh full court, and do it every time you change the oil. Don't go by the book. CRFSONLY.COM is also a sweet website if you are looking for good parts and help. Congrats on the bike.
  3. Looks like fun man. I have yet to really put mine in the air. Some day though.
  4. That is how they all sound man. My 06 has been load since day 1, and now I have about 30 hours on it. I have only heard of like two people that said their x was quiet. Just keep the fluid levels full (one quart on the tranny side), check the valves, and run it.
  5. Do what wizard suggested, and if noise doesn't bother you maybe take out the stock baffles as well.
  6. Honda has the best suspension out of all the companies from the factory. You need to start by setting the race sag, and adjust from there. CRFSONLY is a great site and they have how to's on this subject. Stalling is caused by improper jetting. Buy the JD Jet Kit. I can crack the throttle on mine right off idle and the front end comes right up. No off idle bog what so ever. Don't worry about the noise. The X is a noisy engine, and you do get quite a bit of chain slap.
  7. A good friend of mine is a Honda tech and he thought that running the pre filters is a good idea. He said he has rebuilt a few X's & R's that had the same thing happen. Cheap insurance I guess.
  8. I put the powernow & powerplus in my bike, and it did seem to make more power at less throttle. The gains were definitely not as noticeable as putting in the jet kit, but I could tell the difference.
  9. Run a quart in the tranny, and I have had great luck with the flatlands racing skid plate. We have a ton of rocks and roots riding here in VT, and that plate has been sweet. You can find them at CRFSONLY.
  10. You should be alright. I was told by my local Honda tech that it is a good idea to use filter skinz though, because he has fixed quite a few engines that were damaged from fine partcles of dirt/sand getting in the engine. Basically it is cheap insurance.
  11. You guys are being offered a warranty? I was told there was absolutely no warranty on the bike, because it was so high performance. It even says it on the sticker on the rear fender.
  12. This has been a big problem with the 450x models. The problem is Honda did not recommend the proper amount of oil to be put in the transmission. A lot of people have complained about the 3rd or 5th gear seizing on the countershaft. To prevent this people have been adding more oil. I am not sure of the amount they have been putting in, but I have heard from a few that they are running a full quart in their trannies. You definitly do not want to be running with the amount that Honda is recommending.
  13. The trip cable just unscrews out of the bottom of the trip mounted up by the bars, and out of the hub assembly on the wheel. Then you cover the hole with some sort of rubber or plastic cap to keep dirt and water out. I got my cap with the trail tech computer that I bought. Hope this helps.
  14. CRFSONLY sells Flatlands Racing skid plates for like 75 bucks. It is a really nice skid plate. 3/16" thick and tig welded engine guards. We have a lot of rock here in Vermont and it has held up very well.
  15. Hi Brian, I was having that exact problem myself. The X comes stock real lean. The best remedy for this is the JD Jet kit. CRFSONLY sells it for $67. I have done quite a few mods to my bike and that was the best money I have spent...yet. You may be able to fix it by turning out the fuel screw some, and/or raising the needle a notch or two. What you are trying to do is richen the mixture. If you richen it too much the bike will still respond, but it won't be as crisp. I found it was easier to make it a little too rich and work my way back until I didn't have the bog, but I still have the crisp response. Hope this helps.