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  1. jon_570

    chill spot!!!

    dont wanna thread jack but i have that same exact bike same year and all up in my shed..still runs..but doesnt run great
  2. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    yes. i used the feeler gauge i got and adjusted them. i will re adjust them sunday because tomorrow i will be out of town. but ill double check that and the timing marks to make sure they are lined up .
  3. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    no i dont think its some gigantic bore now. its just a little bit higher compression than stock too. ill see about the auto decompression because for some reason the little tab by the kick started doesnt move when you kick start it. it started perfect about 2 weeks ago without the decompression..but since the timing advance thing decided to come odd while riding it hasnt ran..everything is put back together right.
  4. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    well..i tried the manual decompression and it still didnt work...hmm..im lost
  5. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    the auto decompression doesnt work at all..the little thing that moves with the kick started doesnt work.. i could do a manual but i dont have the right cables or mounts..does anyone make an aftermarket manual decompression for it?
  6. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    thats the thing with older xr's..they fire everytime the piston goes up. you can either install the cam lobes up or down stating the manual..it fires like a 2-stroke but is a 4-stroke. so theres really no wrong way to put the cam in..i have all the timing marks lined up. and i know its getting spark. pretty sure its getting gas..the kickback friggin hurts sometimes..like real bad. i might try a lil bigger main jet. the carb was stock. should i have touched the air screw??i have a better filter..bigger pipe..higher compression piston..should i be running a certain kind of gas with a higher compression piston? and its bored .040 over
  7. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    alright..heres an update...i found out that it might need a new countershaft bearing in the right hand crankcase..i think this only beacuse in the manual it says if you experience kickback..which i am. it needs a new countershaft bearing. the thing is i cant find the instructions to get it out and install a new one..is it hard, do i need special tools? also. could this cause a bike not to star???
  8. jon_570

    1985 XR250R head

  9. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    didnt start...i hate this bike
  10. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    today i am tearing the whole motor apart..cleaning everything setting the clearance and all that jazz..if it doesnt start when i put it back together..im screwed pretty much.
  11. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    alright...update..i took the right side cover off..and there was something hanging there..it had unscrewed itself. i don know the name of the part but i put it back on right and tightened it. re-did the timing chain. as in realigned it with the timing mark. cleaned the carb. and still wont start..its getting spark and fule..when i pulled the spark plug it was black..which led me to believe that the bike was in fact NOT running lean or else it would be white..so idk whats wrong with it
  12. jon_570

    1982 xr250

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=500969 go to this post. and answer here if you have an answer.. Thanks If you dont feel like going theres heres the short story. got a 1982 honda XR250R..had it rebored .040 over with a higher compression wiseco piston. it has an opened up exhaust, and an opened up airbox. so i got it all together..timed it and everything..wouldnt start..i still had the stock 125 main in the carb. so i got a 130 as suggested by someone on here and it started.. ran for a lil while then made a loud pop and shut off. ..would not start back up. and backfires if i try to start it. could it be that i still have it too lean? or what could cause it? Thanks
  13. jon_570

    at the end of my wits.

    o..and i know the carb isnt causing the ticking..sorry i made it sound that way
  14. jon_570

    at the end of my wits.

    alright thank you...idk how the timing could be off..i had it set right..but i guess ill take the head off again and check it out
  15. jon_570

    85 XR250 with 200 monoshock?

    yes the one i have if from an 82..at least im sure..but my stock shock is red and this ones blue..maybe its from a diff. year