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  1. drz kid

    What exhaust is everyone running??

    I'm from Australia and the best header and exhaust is a Stainetune stainless steel system, i run stock carbie no jetting. it delivers more gain than any set up i have tested. they are handmade and cost is a little bit cheaper than the others. Don't know if you guys have Stainetune pipes in the USA. www.staintune.com
  2. drz kid

    Wombeyan Caves, NSW. Australia

    sydney,DR,Amen brother...
  3. drz kid

    Rear Sproket Question

    PS. i use 14/50 for road and lifts the front wheel on command easily.
  4. drz kid

    Rear Sproket Question

    i use a 13/52 for when i am riding in the bush in AUS.