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  1. Going to visit usa/orlando next week(from sweden).Is there any good mx stores in the area of orlando with nice prices? Best regards Jan/sweden
  2. How about this?
  3. thanx from sweden:applause:
  4. Glad to see att thread about happy owners for a chance.I bought mine 06 new last year and has only ridden 20 hours with it and it has been working great for me.My friend has a 05 and he has ridden it hard for about 100 hours and not a singel problem.
  5. hahaha the gate is heavy as hell,he cant push it.its called timming
  6. hehehe you cant get stuck in it..but we have single backward falling gates to 95% in sweden.this gate is rare.
  7. we where at a race in sorsele/sweden and my 10 year old boy had the almost perfekt start if he had put it straight down. he ended up at 5 . http://s111.photobucket.com/albums/n156/spidde/videoklipp/?action=view&current=hockeyskolairamsele2006nordcupis-1.flv
  8. hi i had the same problem..just put som silicon on under the gasket it does the trick. mine is a -06 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=396317&parentpage=4 janne/sweden
  9. anyone help me ..cant find any raisers to my rmz?looking for 20 m.m of height where can i buy and what kind off name,model is it? sorry for my bad english janne/sweden..
  10. can anyone seed please.
  11. hi. just bought a new-06 rmz 450 and iam getting a bit worried about this problem..how many -05-06 have this problem?? and what causes it?suzuki must have a answer for this,and if they do what are they going to do about it?it seems to be a common fault. janne/sweden.
  12. hi. did you fix the leaking? i have the same problem and i have tried with silicon but i cant get it right. it is a -06 running time 2 hours. thanks/janne sweden