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  1. izzy

    Cr125 or not?

    ok, ya ur right and where kinda off topic. plus realy its all up to him, whatever he wants, he can get. if he can afford it.
  2. izzy

    Cr125 or not?

    true true. i still think a 07 CR250 will be fine for him, there not as snappy as older models. i have one i got it like a few months ago im 14 and it suite s me fine.
  3. izzy

    Cr125 or not?

    well its not that differnet all these guys talk about is ridin on the tracks theres more then just tracks to ride
  4. izzy

    Cr125 or not?

    o i thought the seat hight was the same
  5. izzy

    Cr125 or not?

    no way man, i know u didnt meen to offende anyone, but the bike is fine pretty much for everything, around here(up in canada), the 250 is a perfect bike for what ever you want to do. i think the guy should get a 2007 CR250, there easier to ride then the old ones, ive rode lots of 2strokes and this is the best so far, the 07 is easy to start, and its the same height as a 125 and he wont get tired of not having enough power. if he gets a 125 he'll push it too hard.
  6. izzy

    Cr125 or not?

    On a track ya its fast, but for trial riding and ripping through feilds its not as fast as u guys think. Its a great bike, and u guys just think there so fast becasue i think oyur scared of the bike.
  7. izzy

    Cr125 or not?

    I agree man
  8. izzy

    Cr125 or not?

    man a CR250 doesn't have enough power, im 14 i have a 2007 CR250 and it doesnt have quiet enough power, yet.
  9. izzy

    Cr125 or not?

    Man go with a CR250. A 125 and a 250 are the same height but the 250 will last u way longer because in a few years you will want more power then the 125 has.
  10. izzy

    Hole in Motor???

    to drain water from your plug so keep clean